Elektron Transfer: Digitakt patterns via USB to OSX?

I know Elektron Transfer allows transfer of samples from a computer to the Digitakt. But can you transfer entire patterns from the Digi to, say, OSX?

The reason I ask is because I don’t have my audio interface with me at the moment, and I want to get a pattern off of the Digi and into Ableton.

So frustrating that Overbridge isn’t ready for the Digitakt. I have to keep lugging my audio interface around in my backpack. haha



Thanks for the quick answer! That’s what I thought.


I’m definitely waiting for OB to be released before I seriously pursue moving on a DT- I feel your frustration

Indeed. The Digitakt is a wondrously powerful portable music-making machine. Completely inspiring despite only having a few effects (I don’t see it as too much of a limitation). But, its innate portability, where you can take it to a cafe (provided there is an outlet), becomes limiting.

Yes, you can make an entire song sitting there with the box and that’s fantastic, but unless you bring an audio interface, you can’t get the patterns off. And this becomes problematic for me because one of the things I do is create very short music videos of songs I’ve just written. So, unless I’ve got the audio interface with me, or I’m home with it, it’s just frustrating.

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Shoot. I have an abundance of audio interfaces. A Zoom H6, iConnect Audio 2+, an Analog 4, and the big daddy Liquid saffire 56. Pretty much everything’s an audio interface these days.

Maybe check out a used Zoom H4? plug stereo into the inputs and connect that via USB into your computer? small and portable and usb powered. Pretty old, too- so it should be pretty cheap!

I need multi-tracking myself. So I would only be able to fully utilize the midi sequencing of the DT and get frustrated by it’s comparable audio recording capabilities.

Good luck!

Edit: Actually- can’t you get a 2xMono to 1/8th " cable and record line in to your computer? I’m not an audio expert, but I can’t logically determine how that would hinder the audio

I think I tried the Mono to 1/8" cable line in a few weeks back, and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m imagining that I did, though. I’m going to give it another shot.

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Hmm. What computer are you using?