Elektron Transfer & New M1 Macs?

Has anyone tested if Transfer works on the new M1 Macs? Thinking of picking up an Air, but I need to be able to use Transfer Overbridge, I can wait for. Transfer…not so much.


I am going to go out on a limb here and assume M1 Macs only run via Big Sur, so regardless of CPU architecture (ARM vs x86) this will a gamble on the OS level alone. I doubt there is ARM support.

I don’t have an official answer but if you only need transfer for backups of SysEx you can use other MIDI applications to sync SysEx assuming those tools have a way of compiling for both x86 and ARM.

I know that apps can be run emulated x86 but I don’t know if there needs to be something special baked into the application itself. Once again a gamble.

Good question but I think it’s too early to tell without someone biting the bullet :upside_down_face:

Yeah, hoping someone has tested it. I thought that, since Elektron hasn’t mentioned it like they did Overbridge…it may work.

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There’s a good chance the emulation layer is fine. Just not sure on shared libraries/dynamically linked libraries that Transfer depends on (if any).

Yea let’s wait and see!

More conversation about the emulation layer here:

Also universal binaries.


I’ve searched and read, but can’t find anything specifically for Transfer. I have to wait for someone to try for me! :joy:

I have a Mac with an Intel CPU, but am wondering the same thing: I do not necessarily need Overbridge, yet I definitely need Elektron Transfer – will that work on Big Sur? Any help is appreciated!

I wanna know too but no one seems to know. Please halp us

I just got an M:C, love it! I only managed to make transfer work once and I can’t do it again, even when plugged in directly into my Mini M1 with the Elektron cable. It’s frustrating. I assume the app is relying on some of the same architecture as Oberbridge, at least for simple data transfer, which eventually will be Big Sur compatible. Hopefully soon!


Transfer works fine on my Intel MacBook Air running Big Sur for both M:S and AR MkII


Transfer works great for me!

  • New M1 MBP running macOS 11.2.1
  • Transfer v1.2.2.9
  • sysex to A4mkII v1.50a
  • sysex to DN v1.30a
  • sysex and wav to DT v1.20a
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Yours is working? I can’t get mine to detect my Digitakt at all.

Yup. I’ve used it a few times now.

Are you sure your DT’s USB is set to MIDI and not Overbridge? And that MIDI’s “input from” and “output to” are both set to USB? And that turbo speed is off? (I actually don’t know if turbospeed makes a difference over USB, but I keep mine off)


You called it. I just bought it on Reverb and it was set to overbridge. Got it to work last night.

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I tried it with an M1 Mac mini. I recently bought the AR MK2, some samples can be loaded, some not with error “File handle could not be closed on device” or something.
With my 2017 MBP no issues at all.