Elektron x Loop Cloud

Has anyone got this working yet? Is it even possible at the moment?

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Great! I hope this also becomes available for Splice users.

I feel like this update clarifies a lot of worry. Any “cloud” or “subscription” based rumors may have been just this, integrating with services like Loopcloud (and maybe others in the future).

It always seemed like a longshot that they would actually start their own subscription service, and it is nothing to lose sleep over.

And the fact that they just keep giving us free machines tells me they won’t be doing any subscription based add-ons in the future. Elektron’s business model seems to be to add more features and value to existing boxes, without the need to constantly create new boxes.


that Analog OS Update will be huge


Duplicate sounds from track to track :open_mouth:

So … kits then ?

Yeah although the same is pretty much true about all the new features that pretty much require a bar or longer samples. I think transfer and back up are really good at this point though so I guess it’s not so bad to just back up and switch out old projects.

I’ve managed for 6 year of digitakt use to not overload the plus drive, but I can image how quickly it would fill up using loops. Hopefully user upgradable drive will be considered :crossed_fingers:

If anyone at Elektron is listening, it would be great to have this basic sample management functionality as a part of transfer or overbridge and not behind a third party subscription service.


You know, since there’s clearly a way for software other than Transfer and Overbridge to communicate directly with the Digitakt, it wouldn’t suck if Elektron made the API public so other software could do the same. :slight_smile:

I know there’s been some reverse engineering done to enable Linux drivers, but something official would be fantastic. I also know that this might be a bit of a pipe dream.


Any reason to subscribe to this if you aren’t interested in using their sample library?

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Yeah, it works – you need to change your USB setting to “MIDI + AUDIO” and then you just get a new Elektron tab in the Loopcloud app.

(This launch must have been a bit of a rush thing, no instructions that I can really see anywhere)


it also works in overbridge mode with ableton running the plugins in the background however that seems to make it a bit buggy, clicking on the ram tab freezes the dt.

but exchanging track samples works fine which is what i was hoping to get out of it anyway

Thanks! I had it in Overbridge mode, got it working now. Just FYI for people who already had the Loopcloud app before today, you’ll have to update to the latest version via the Help menu in the app (or on the website).


Damn dude. Thank you! Been chasing this for 2 hours. You win the internet today brother. Working now thanks to you.

Did i miss where they mentioned this?


Lucky find, didn’t see it anywhere…

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So is this the elektron cloud subscription thing everyone was talking about the last 3 years?


Forget what ya heard, this is actually pretty dope. Managing the drive from your computer. Plus going start from the source to the box.

I’m not going to show my age and poo poo this concept. It’s actually pretty cool :v:t4:


Do you have instructions for dummies? I’m on Android and don’t even find that loopcloud app. :neutral_face:

do you know where to find instructions on how to connect digitakt to the loopcloud app?