Elektronaut Beat Cyphers?

Does this forum hold any beat cyphers?

So recently I got into this Label Team Supreme, and they are known for doing beat assignments or cyphers, which are these contests where they give the public a set of guidelines to follow (sample this, only using this, at this bpm, in the key of etc.) and then a deadline to be considered. The winners are featured in a 50 min mix on their page.

So does this forum hold amy kind of sample or beat making contests?

It would be neat to have something consistent like that, which is more geared to elektron users. If it has not been done here…I’d volunteer to help curate it… :sushing_face: that is if users are willing to participate…

Just thinking aloud

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It is like the the science lab here (but with a reward, kind if)

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Cool, but wish it was more frequent with activity

I’m moving houses soon, so been thinking of recording samples from around the house and host some sort of lab and potentially release the contributions, if there are any, on my label. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Saw that this was moved to the mission briefs. Should I just start a mission and curate it? I’d need some participants first, then I could make something…

Post a mision, people are likely to participate


A cypher, I believe, is a freestyle hip hop verse generally delivered in the context of a rap battle. It borrows from the idea of poets doing a poetry slam where the verses are recited “off the cuff” though these verses are often rehearsed extensively ahead of time.

Don’t know how this is translated to beats though.

Dunno why Team Supreme calls their beat contests cyphers… maybe since it’s a “battle”.

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ok i’ll give it a shot, keep on the lookout

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If there’s a beat battle, count me in!

We spoke about it in the “hip hop made with digitakt” thread but never found the time to do so, I guess…

If it’s a regular battle, maybe we could go with something like: the winner sets the theme / rules of the next battle…?


May or may not be hip hop beat. That’s a good idea though. I don’t wanna put a limit on devices. I realize not everyone has everything. If I just keep it to “must use at least one elektron device”, then we can have more participants.

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Yeah yeah, agreed! Was just quoting this as an example haha.

Indeed, the more the merrier!

I’d be down, but Analog Heat is my only Elektron device.

Beat battles over in the Sp forums are crazy… 10 or more people per battle, weekly battles, right now 3 battles are ending, so new battles are starting soon. BUT you have to make the beat on an sp (sp303, sp505, sp404, ect). I just recently started battling & my skills & beats are improving immensely! I’ll admit, I got kind of addicted to it…1st battle I joined was exactly 1 month ago…I’ve been in a total of 5 battles since plus a beat where I could only use certain sounds, but it wasn’t a battle it was more of a “special project”.

You guys should definitely get some Elektron battles goin! I plan on getting a Digitakt, so I’ll be able to join in on the fun! Hopefully soon!

I’d allow the heat. It qualifies.

Then I’m down! I’ll keep a watch out for a beat cypher thread :face_with_monocle:

Nice Idea. But i think this Forum is more about Tech- and Gear-Talk than it is about actually MAKING Music. Mostly at least :wink: How long is it since the last Science Lab already? Cant even remember anymore. Only thing i remember is that MattKeenan won it.

mission is up now guys