Elektronauts Hip Hop Battle #20 - Voting

Hello again,

so I had to go the soundcloud way. For forum upload you have to edit all metadata of the files, cause you still see the original names in the titles, even if you rename the file. I didn’t find a quick way to fix that on my mac…

Anyway, thank you all for your submissions. I’m happy that many of you could submit a track.

  • Vote your 3 favorite beats. (first place, second place and third place)
  • First place vote is worth 3 points, second place vote is worth 2 points, third place vote is worth 1 point.

Feedback on all the tracks and why you choose which is strongly encouraged but not required.

Please vote until May, 7th

Have fun with the beats!! :slight_smile:




What a guy! Thanks for putting this together. Remember people, vote for the track with a Kazoo.


I’ve had my first listen through… it’s a really high standard from all! Just wondering, is there a way to be able to download them from Soundcloud? I like to be able to have them on my phone for listening when I’m out and about.


I can enable download option for all tracks. Unfortunately the file is as uploaded then and you can still see infos in the metadata of the tracks… which reveals the beatmaker in some cases.

So I would prefer if everybody sticks to the soundcloud playlist.
I have to learn how to easily delete metadata for multiple audiofiles on mac :slight_smile: Simply renaming them is not sufficient


Thanks again @Unifono! I believe you can set up a macro in audacity to batch process a folder of wav files and deleting metadata is an action you can record.


These tracks are dope!

Thanks @Unifono


Man there’s some really talented people here. I expected a few to be aight but, like everyone of those tracks are on point. Told another member that I could easily see quite a few on a Mushroom Jazz mix, and a few others on a Madlib mix. This is going to be a tough vote. Now we just need to get some resident MCs on the bill.


Really great stuff as usual, nicely done all.
I’m gonna give em all a few listens over the next few days, first run through sounds impressive


totally agree! Great stuff as usual


Ok, I have a top three:

1 - #13 I liked the re-working of the main theme, nice, clean drum sound and the re-pitched vocal ties it together
2 - #16 cinematic vibe, felt a bit like listening to a story
3 - #6 mellow, hangs together well with the string changes.

#14 bit different, picks up especially after the melodic elements come in
#15 like the drums and bass especially (not sure about the vocals but that’s only my opinion, so pay no heed)

Thanks to @Unifono for running this one, well done everyone I enjoyed listening to all the beats


First off, well done everybody! Listened to the playlist a couple of times and i’m ready to vote now too. For me the top three were pretty easy to select from the field, but determining the order of those was quite difficult. In the end personal taste was the deciding factor. Here we go:

#1 beat nr 9.
I picked this beat over the other two because of the sound, especially the way the bass is programmed. It’s the first time in this competition that I hear a beat that somehow reminds me of Dr Dre, i think it’s kinda fresh.

#2 beat nr 4.
This is just great, from the filtered intro, to the main beat. This one is a bit ATCQ-ish. I like the resonant sound elements a lot too.

#3 beat nr 6.
Great intro. Hard hitting beat, epic & symfonic wall of sound, i like the journey it took me on.

#HM 12. I was astonished by the over the top, almost cartoonish quality and lushness of the sound design. Great job on that!


Congrats to all !

FIRST : #4
THIRD :#10


A quality line up as always.
My notes as I listened through:

  1. Gold Finger! Like the ascending bits at the start
  2. Like the vocal sample and the start, a good degree of wonkiness. Head nodding award. Some nice time stretchy artifacts. - Poss HM
  3. Nice dark piano groove, perhaps not enough progression for a ranking position.
  4. Good vocal sample choice, some nice vocal chops, feeling of progression - Tells a story, probably ranking, love it.
  5. Nice groove with some brass. Understated, all sits nicely in the mix. I like the vocals bubbling under. Probable HM
  6. Nice filtered vocal intro, punchy beat drop, foot tapping, like the build of the brass. Good fadeout. Really pops out of the speakers.
  7. Oh James! Like the use of the Spanish guitar, some sense of menace.
  8. Tight groove, with the strings, would maybe have liked the drum groove to do a bit more like drop out or have some variation
  9. GOLDENAYYYYEE. Beat sits nicely with the sample, as does the keys. Some good space, almost kind of a 90’s vibe
  10. Like the artifacty shifted audio. Throbbing bass, cut up vocal samples are great. HM
  11. Enjoy the wonkiness of it, and the artifacts, “Gonna blow up”
  12. Who doesn’t love the Gunsmith Cats break, nice bit of Lulu
  13. Love the vocal chop and the beat is a head nodder. Nice and grimey. Beat stays tidy and slots in the mix nicely - At least an HM
  14. Slow start, nice trance gate
  15. FAAAT Beat, like the glitchy vocals, nice orchestral chop A little harshness in the mix
  16. Love the obliterating of the only live twice intro. Really nice laid back vibe punctuated nicely with the stabs, ping pong delays are lovely, I wanted to listen to it again - This ones going to rank.

So that’s HMs for: 2, 5, 10, 13

#1 - Beat 4
#2 - Beat 16
#3 - Beat 6


Wasn’t able to make it this round but you all did an amazing job! Great beats @everyone, and good luck in the voting process :beers:


Wow, awesome beats everyone! Currently on a holiday and this was a really relaxed listen.

Also inspires me to go to work again when we are back :sunglasses:


1st: 10 – Man this beat is fun, a haunted Adele deconstruction bouncing around an N64 cartridge that never was. Top 3 bassline of the battle for me. Great arrangement and funny dialog clips. Top flight
2nd: 04 – Gonna have to pull the notebook out for this one. So many little hooks that slot together so nicely, the arrangement never lingering too long on any of them or on the home loop, the groove of the rhythm section. Nice work!
3rd: 16 – Episodic in the best way, from the showstopper psychedelic timestretching through the horn stabs, the high plucks and bleeps, and the full mix at the end. Gorgeous kick, too. Nice work!
HMs: 02, 06, 07, 08, 12

Full Notes:
Looking back, I got nit-picky with my judging. I chalking that up to the quality of this round, where I needed multiple listens to every beat just to cut down the HMs, let alone pick the top 3.

01 – I really like the silenced-pistol crack of the snare, the loose timing on the string transitions, and the way the low string part gets echoed octaves up in the second half. Kick is a little harsh for my taste, and I wish there was maybe one more non-string instrument popping in for variety.
02 – Love the flangy drums and groove. Great use of space and reverb (those bells and quick string hits!), strong arrangement, and what a tease with those gorgeous outro chords! My one knock is the heaviest timestretching, where old-school artifact grit clashes with how smooth the rest of the beat sounds
03 – Strong piano hook, and I really like the tension from the clock-tick eights, open hat, and minimal bass. I wish the second half had a bit more variety; the flutes sound lovely, but don’t change things enough for me
04 – Gonna have to pull the notebook out for this one. So many little hooks that slot together so nicely, the arrangement never lingering too long on any of them or on the home loop, the groove of the rhythm section. Nice work!
05 – Love all the brass comping and the kick/tom groove, real head-nodder. Good scratches too. I admire the kitchen sink vibe of the last 1:30, but it feels too long to me
06 – Hits that dangerous-but-alluring vibe, like Bond in Wonderland. Every layer fits like it was always meant to be that way. Love the dark horn entrance around 1:15, and the voice mixed in with the snare is a brilliant touch.
07 – Monquixote is right about the guitar, but the low double-bass also deserves praise. More generally, this beat does a great job shifting moods between calm triumph and lurking danger, real patience to achieve that.
08 – Props for the chase scene groove and how much it morphs over the beat. Top three basslines of the battle, and a good arrangement of those string stings. The fuzzy racecar synth line in the last minute doesn’t work for me, but otherwise choice beat
09 – Another top three bassline. Hypnotic groove. Love that filtered Rhodes-y sound. Blasphemy, but the kick could be a little quieter.
10 – Man this beat is fun, a haunted Adele deconstruction bouncing around an N64 cartridge that never was. Convenient that all three of my favorite basslines sit in a row like this. Great arrangement and funny dialog clips. Top flight
11 – Lovely piano loop and slick drum groove, had me smiling and bopping in my seat. The breakdown in the middle feels a little disconnected from the rest of the beat to me.
12 – This takes a second to wind up, and makes the beat drop feel like a sucker punch! And the drums are the star here, a layer cake of fm clicks, boomy kicks, and well-picked sound effects.
13 – Chipmunk soul with a raw drum groove. I really like that skipping horn hook! I am missing the high-end – I kept waiting for the moment when the LPF would fade up and let the beat shine through
14 – The lazy lope of a villain in control at their hideout. The low organ, high high string pad, and gated synth all work great building this queasy tension. The other melodic bits and the stumbling drum fill feel don’t feel as well integrated into this beat.
15 – Love the switching back and forth between trap and boom-bap drums, especially in the very trappy intro. More kudos for the orchestral hook, plus that noisy open hat! I wish there was a bit more rhythmic flow to the dialog chops, and that the kick was a little less harsh
16 – Episodic in the best way, from the showstopper psychedelic timestretching through the horn stabs, the high plucks and bleeps, and the full synthesis at the end. Gorgeous kick, too. Nice work!


Please get your votes in this weekend if possible! :slight_smile:


Here are my votes:

1st - Number 11 - Enjoyed the weirdly lo-fi vibe of this one and how the vocal samples and soundtrack samples danced around each other.

2nd - Number 8 - A bit more of an upbeat vibe on this one, and I really enjoyed the sound and the melody of the added synths. Had an almost 90s movie soundtrack vibe (and I mean that in a good way).

3rd - Number 13 - Loved the interplay of the string samples with the sung female vocal sample (was that pitched up a little??) and the crispy funk of the drums. I try not to make comparisons with other artists but if this had been produced by a band named after a town near Bristol I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Honourable mentions:

Number 5 - Got my head nodding big time, the timing of the vocal snippets and all those bits of brass is really good and it’s got a nice progression for how the track evolves.

Number 6 - Really liked the filtered intro that then launched into big screen cinematic melancholy with the laid back beat.

Number 9 - Great beat and bass combo on this one and another track where I thought the fitering on the intro was really well considered. Also the added synth parts really worked for me too. Only slight thing was that I’m not a big fan of the Goldeneye theme so despite it being really well used it wasn’t quite making it into the placings.