Elektronauts Hip Hop Beat Battle #2 - Escape from New York edition

Welcome to Elektronauts Hip Hop Beat Battle #2: Escape from New York edition!

This month marks the 40th anniversary of one of my favorite movies of all time Escape From New York. In honor of one of my favorite movies, directors, and musicians, that will be the theme of Battle #2.

This battle will be similar to last time, but this time around you must use at least one of the samples I provide and at least one other sample supplied by someone else. Please say which ones you used when you supply your track. The other rules and dates are below (please read as there are a few new restrictions).

Here are the general rules/dates:

  • Anyone who wants to join has to confirm in this thread by Friday, July 30. If you join, you have to supply a single sample for everyone else to use. This can be a youtube video, a link to a sample, or a sound file you’ve recorded yourself.
  • The deadline for submitting your song is Sunday, August 8. You can submit the song in any format or on any platform, by posting it to this thread. You can only submit one single beat for the battle!
  • After this deadline we can judge each other by each giving a top 3, which of course excludes your own submission. Only people who participated can vote, and they’ll have to listen to each song. You’ll receive a point for each 3rd place, 2 points for each 2nd place, and 3 points for each first place vote you receive.

Here are the new battle-specific rules (IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ)

  • If you join the battle, you have to make a beat/song/instrumental in which you use at least one of the samples supplied by me and one supplied by the others. You cannot use the sample you supplied yourself.
  • You are free to use any other virtual or real instruments you want to use (synths, bass, drums, etc)
  • No full vocal/acappella tracks allowed this time (one shot vocals and small snippets of vocals are OK)
  • No use of outside sample loops (sound effects, small one shots, and stuff like that are fine, but no grabbing a four-bar loop off of Splice or anything like that).
  • No limitations on the equipment you use to make your track

The samples (use something from at least one in your beat. I tried to get some variety)

***Please don’t post beat entries before the deadline for posting samples (July 30), as things will get confusing!

***please don’t post more than 1 sample if you want to join!

@Sleepyhead Let me know if I’m missing anything.

EDIT: For those not familiar with this amazing movie soundtrack, this video provides a great rundown.


OMG, that’s dope!


49 years ago, this month, in NYC:

Thanks for setting this up! All for the new rules and the theme :slight_smile:


I added a documentary about the film soundtrack to the bottom of the first post for anyone interested in knowing more about the samples I have selected. Synth and drum machine lovers should enjoy it.


Nicely done @DimensionsTomorrow
Great idea for the new one.
Here’s my sample…


As my sample I’d like to submit an episode of a Dutch Saturday morning childrens cartoon which was broadcasted here in the early 90’s on national tv as part of a weekly kids show for years (seriously, no joke).

I remember watching it and not understanding why my father suddenly thought a cartoon for kids was funny.

Warning: a lot of sexual inuendo, cartoon nudity, slightly offensive stereotypes and overall weirdness ahead. But also: some great music and sound effects.


Fuck it, I’m in.

I’m basically the world’s biggest John Carpenter fan and I need some practice sampling into my OT, so let’s see how much I can ruin Hip Hop for everyone…

Sticking with the soundtrack theme, but from a more Italo angle, here’s my sample fodder, a Fabio Frizzi piece from the soundtrack to “The Beyond” by Lucio Fulci, which came out the same year as Escape from New York. 1981 was an exceptional year for films, by the way.


I’m in, need an excuse to make some beats.
Here’s my sample contribution:


Great theme @DimensionsTomorrow, John Carpenter is the business!

Seeing as it is hot here in Ireland (this is our two weeks of summer) and the film was made during a heatwave, my sample submission is Martha and The Vandellas Heatwave:


I‘ll also stick to the soundtrack theme and hope this one is more useful than my last suggestion:


I want to be a part of it…


What it doodle-do?




I am not allowed to make a track with all of the posted samples (excluding mine, right?) - I have to choose one and only one?

Nah, at least one of each. If you can use everything, that would be pretty great


Including mine? :sweat_smile:

No, except your own.

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Damn… I wish I could use some adlibs from