Elektronauts Hip Hop Beat Battle #6 - Tribe edition - Voting & Feedback

Big thanks and well done to all who joined in on this one and sorry again for missing my own deadline :man_facepalming:

Same voting rules as last time:

  • You need to have submitted a beat to vote.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • You can use whatever criteria you want to judge these tracks but you need to give them a fair chance, which means listening to all of them.
  • You’ll choose one 1st place and two runners up.
  • Each 1st place vote will count for 2 points. Each runner up vote will count for 1.

Votes are open until next Sunday 7th November.

The beats in order of submission…














Also @Maisin - sorry it wouldn’t let me @ more than 10 people in one post!

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How 2 vote? Just in a reply or PM?

U can vote here :wink:
Choose one winner and 2runners up.

Damn i’m listening all the beats again, there’s solid stuff! Will wait a few days before voting!


Yeah just stick your vote in the thread man :raised_hands:

I just got completely sidetracked listening to Doug and Sleepyheads work on youtube and IG. You got some serious heat fellas!


Wow…it’s tuff. I gonna have to spend some time. :face_with_monocle:


It’s near impossible man, I might miss the vote deadline too :joy:

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yup, voting has gotten increasingly tough week to week. people have brought it.


No worries and thanks for organising this round :clap:

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Thanks for checking out my channel man, I appreciate it!

I feel like these battles have progressively grown into serious challenges that force me to learn new things. I love the fact I can recognize some of the styles of the regular participants, and it makes me appreciate what you guys did with the samples even more.

I learned a lot from all of you guys over these couple of battles. When I’m listening to the tracks you made I always feel like: I had the exact same source material, why didn’t I do that!?

Will listen to everything a couple more times in the coming days, but the overall quality is great from what I’m hearing so far.


Okay i open the votes :
Winner : @looms
Really Like how you chopped the samples and the energy of your beat. It sound very clean and professionnal. The voice and strings samples fit nicely together. Very great job!

Runners up : @PineappleDave and @rnzr

PineappleDave : your beat surprised me, in the good way. This is not something i could imagine doing, very unespected and original, it take all his Interest with the vocals, it fits perfectly on it and give a new energy to the song. For your first beat on the mpc, this is very promising for the future!

Rnzr : exactly the kind of hiphop beat i want to ear. It has everything i like, banging drums, big bass, and top notch sample chopping. It’s good to see all that good boombap vibes out of the digitakt!

honorable mentions to :
@Yabba and @Sleepyhead it was tough to make a choice, you two were close to my top 3, your beats are bangers as always, your regularity is very impressive.


1 - @Doug shits got FLOW! this one hit me. sick bass. good mix. this one feel like it could a version on the B-side. :trophy:

2 - runner up no.1 @rnzr smoove! :medal_sports:

3 - runner up no.2 @Maisin I dug the change ups. :medal_sports:

I dug em all. but the ones with lyrics moved to the fore. the top three, for me, made good use of the samples provided, had flow, and the lyrics felt like they were meant to be there.

nice werk by all :+1:t6: :+1:t6: :+1:t6:
:clap:t6: :clap:t6: :clap:t6: :clap:t6:


So I’ve had the headphones on and taken notes. Taking this seriously fam! :joy:

I’ve found this even harder to choose than the last battle.

Great low end and well rounded mix. Great use of the samples. I tried something similar with the sax and completely failed so big ups on that!

Love this one. Big bass line and I’m a sucker for scratching. Heavy beat and creative sound design.

Crunchy goodness and super atmospheric. Great bass line. Really gelled the samples together to sound like one song.

Supreme head nodder, lovely mix. Another great bass line. Really like the way it develops with new sounds coming in later in the track.

I want more! Really creative. Especially feeling the bass that comes in around 16 secs and the atmosphere in general. Sounds like it could have been recorded live from Washington square park in the golden age of street freestyles.

Woah, what a low end on this one. Raw filth! Really creative again. A fitting beat for Halloween!

Dr Rumble
Another head nodder and another great use of the samples that sound like they’re from one source. Especially like the use of the vocal. Haunting biz!

Really dig the melody from 40 seconds and the sound on this. Underwater vibes.

Pineapple Dave
Completely unpredictable and brilliant. Hard to pin down and keeps me listening. When the hats come in I thought it was going to go grime for a second. Mad energy. Makes my head do weird movements. Also the only one to really use Scenario (I think?!)

Nailed it. Sounds kinda old school but also modern at the same time. Digging the bass line and the background ‘yeah’ sound especially (at least that’s what my brain has registered it as!)

This one’s got some old school DOOM (rip) vibes. Really digging the atmosphere.

Winner @PineappleDave
Runners up (fuck this is hard) @Synu, @rnzr


Yeah it was hard but…


Peace !


Shiieet. Listening to all the entries I noticed that my submission was an old version with poorly synced acapella. Lessons learned: don’t have beers when prepping for release and double check your uploads. :smiley:


Nooo! The evil beers :beers:


Same here, vocal isn’t on beat and i let the bass muted…i saw it just after uploading the file…Lessons learned: don’t smoke herb before preparing for release and double check uploads😆


:grin: If you guys want to re-upload and send me the links I’ve got no problem with that. Less than half have voted so far anyway.


no that’s fine, deadline is deadline i will take care more next time :wink:


puh, this is indeed hard af. guess i need some more listens to narrow it down even further! lovely entries everybody <3