Elektronauts Hiphop Beat Battle #17: The Legend of Zelda Edition

Hey, listen!

On the morning of Saturday December 12, 1998 we got a call from the local videogame store. My copy had arrived. For months, I had read and reread the 5-page review in our local games-magazine (Power Unlimited), and now I could finally play myself.

Around 16.00 in the afternoon, I was home and inserted the cartridge in my Nintendo 64. We had dinner at around 18.00 and went back to playing right after that. The next time I checked the time it was Sunday 5.20 AM. I had successfully completed the Deku tree section and thought to myself: “This is the greatest game I’ve ever played”.

Only to find out that this was just the tutorial….

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is the best rated videogame of all time and was revolutionary in every sense. The music (written by Koji Kondo) has also achieved legendary status and has been performed by various orchestras around the world.

Music was also a pivotal part of the gameplay. The ocarina played a crucial part in Link’s quest to rescue Princess Zelda from the hands of the evil Ganondorf.

I would say that this masterpiece absolutely deserves its own battle. I hope y’all dig it.

So, here are the (Hy)rules:

  • Track limit is 2.30 minutes
  • Every track must include a “boss-level” section/variation in addition to the A section. Tempo changes and non conventional rhythms are encouraged.
  • As there is no spoken dialogue in Ocarina of Time (except for Navi), vocals are not allowed. However, you can use sound effects from the game (see below)
  • Drums and Bass can come from any source
  • If you happen to have an ocarina, you can use that as well

As for the source material I think that both the music from the original (Ocarina of Time soundtrack) and the OST Hyrule symphony version are fair game. As are the sound-effects and any other in-game audio (full playthroughs are available on YT) of both the original and the remastered versions.

Original N64 soundtrack

OST Hyrule Symphony


All Ocarina songs

Sound effects


Voting/scoring will be the same as in the previous battle:

1: The Master Sword - 3 points

2: Kokori Sword - 2 points

3: Deku Stick - 1 point

Here is the playlist:



Awesome challenge.


This is amazing!

Is original legend of zelda in play as well, or only ocarina of time?




Please feel free to tag anyone else, I just came up with this list scrolling through the previous battle topics.

I would say Ocarina of Time only, as there is plenty of material in there.

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WOW that is amazing. Epona’s song will be stuck in my head now.


Ok, thanks I won’t link to the past then.

Seriously great theme, excited to see what people will come up with


Nice. I’m into this. Come to think of it, we haven’t done a video game inspired challenge until now, have we?


Wow, that’s a loaded sample selection!

Gonna be a blast to play amongst you lovely folk! :beers:


Epic brief.
I’ll use M8’s Game Boy sounds, most likely :wink:


I’m up to my eyes in the dnb challenge right now but I’ll try and get something in :+1:


OOT is one of my all time favorites. Stoked to see what people come up with!


My dumb ass just bought a Maschine mk3.

Looks like I’m gonna have to break her in on some hip hop.

Can you breakdown what you mean by Boss part and A part.

I know how when you fight, there’s a second fight that has more intense music.

I’m guessing we just change up the A part to mimic that?

Same elements just more intense?


This is great :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to this.


I think it just needs to be different enough to signify that it’s a boss battle, whatever you make of that. It is usually a different sound all together, with a sonic intensity that is greater than the level/ overworld music is. You could probably have it connect to the first part and transition smoothly or not.

@Jedilicious will probably comment with some clarity on this if needed, but people will inevitably have their own interpretations on it.

When you hear that part do you think this is the boss battle? I think that is what matters and how you will know if it’s right


Couldn’t have said it better!


never had a N64, but a link to the past was my favorite game ever.
So I certainly feel at home in hyrule


Love this theme @Jedilicious! I’m now surprised noone had the idea to do a videogame battle before.

Your timing is perfect for me, as I just finished playing Ocarina of Time, and I’m currently running around in Clock City (-playing Majora’s Mask).

I got an old gamecube during lockdown and being the nerd that I am decided to finally finish all the games that I played as a kid haha.