Elektronauts Hiphop Beat Battle #2: Voting and Feedback

Thanks for the great submissions everyone!

Same rules as last time for voting:

  • You can start voting today (Aug 9), and the deadline for voting is Thursday (Aug 12) meaning votes coming in after Thursday will not count.
  • Only people who joined the battle and submitted a finished track/beat can vote.
  • Before voting, I suggest everyone takes a moment to listen to all submitted tracks again completely, preferably in a way that gives you good sound quality. Every track submitted so far took time and effort to make, so I think they all deserve a thorough listening session!
  • After listening, you can post a top 3 to this thread (which of course excludes yourself!). Commenting on other submissions or sharing a list of ‘honorable mentions’ if you have any is off course welcomed, but please clearly state your top 3 at the start of your post.
  • After the voting every 1st place vote gives the recipient 3 points, every 2nd place vote gives the recipient 2 points, and every 3rd place vote is worth 1 point. The person receiving the most points will be declared the winner, and gets the honorable job to organize (and decide the rules for) the next battle! As per the last battle, if by some chance I were to win, the person in second place can organize the next one.
  • Everyone can decide for themselves in what way to judge the submissions.

The 21 Submissions: (In order of submission)























If I missed anyone, please let me know!

@Dkstr Only one submission is allowed, so I did not use the one that you said was a bonus submission. I hope I chose the right one.

PS: I’ll try to get the tally as soon as possible after voting closes (and I’ll vote last to help prevent a tie if needed). I’m getting my second vaccination shot later this week, so if it knocks me for a loop I may be a little late in counting up the votes.


Real quick, I think you’ve got the wrong track for CCMP


Thanks, @Doug

@CCMP Your track appears to not be copyable and is not listed on your SoundCloud page. Do you have it set to private or something? Can you change the setting so that I can replace the one here?

It was on private sorry, just changed it.

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That’s fixed now. I think we are good to go.

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I have been listening to these this morning - it’s going to be insanely hard to shortlist these. Well done everyone.


Folks, BEFORE WE START VOTING, I’d like to respectfully suggest a tweak to the voting process.

Suggested voting change;

  • Everybody submits their Top 3 as a PRIVATE MESSAGE to @DimensionsTomorrow
  • When all the votes are in, they’re all displayed in sync in this thread.

For me personally, I’d like to judge and vote on the tracks without knowing how anyone else has voted to minimise influence… and it’d make the final winner announcement more interesting than it coming through slowly over the thread.

Agree? Disagree?

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I do like the idea of the voting being secret - but that means it will come at the cost of all the positive energy and feedback that came with the scores last time around… It also sounds like it might make it more work for @DimensionsTomorrow.

Dunno torn about this, I see pros and cons


I’m open to whatever people decide, and I do see some advantages in private voting, but as @Boxymusic noted, for me personally the little comments and positive energy that go along with the votes means more to me than the votes.

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I understand this… it does shift the feedback/discussion back slightly to after the votes are all in…

I have to agree with @DimensionsTomorrow that to me, the feedback and positive commentary are more valuable and useful than the eventual outcome as well.

I can see secret voting would make it a more fair competition, but I guess for me thats less important than the overall great vibe of open commentary. I’d say It’s for @DimensionsTomorrow to decide, but maybe we can try secret voting next time?


From experience, I’d say momentum drops off pretty quickly once the winners are announced.


Yeah, I think we should just do it the same way as last time.


As @DimensionsTomorrow decide…

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OK, just so we don’t lose too much time with the voting, let’s just stick to the same as last time for this battle.

Let’s keep it in mind though and everyone please share your thoughts, and whoever hosts the next battle can decide if we should change the rules for the next one.

Thanks everyone! Let the voting begin.


All good… :+1:

It’ll encourage me to get my votes in sooner to not be persuaded.


Ok so I’m ready to kick things off. First up can I say this was incredibly hard - well done everyone involved. I made a little scoring system, based on these categories which, frankly, couldn’t be more subjective. scores out of 5 for each. Mood/story - Sound - Taste (is it to my…) - Creativity. It was ridiculously close, with the top 13 tracks being within 3 points of each other (12-15 / 20). Here goes…

  • @Dkstr - great evolution throughout the song, fitted with the theme really well. Great work
  • @DimensionsTomorrow - you’ve done it again. Very professional sounding full track. Funky (a word I use sparingly) smashed it
  • @new_drugs - loads of samples, creativity and the main hook worked really well

Just pipped at the post was @FNKSTRNG - your score was tied with new_drugs, but I gave it to them because I think they made more of the samples. It slapped though.

Also worth mention. Everyone! But specifically, in no particular order…
@simonbradford - your track made me chuckle (in a good way, hope that was the intention)
@Maisin - dug the dark vibes
@kuroichi for being 100% on brief!
@CCMP your track was great, but was it hiphop!? What IS hip hop anyway? Loved the heavy sound.
@Doug - really skilful, sounded great, loved it.

…there was one track on here that absolutely smashed all the others in terms of score, got nearly full marks on my matrix, but… might have broken a rule, so it didn’t go down! Sorry! If you know who you are, I hope you don’t mind, cause I loved your track :slight_smile:

I think I’m running out of @s here… Thanks again Dimensions for being a wonderful host.


This was really tough! In the end these three worked the best for my tastes:

  1. @Sleepyhead : There’s enough space and air for the rhymes and the beat bounces just right for me.
  2. @drrumble : Pretty much the same comment as for Sleepyhead’s track.
  3. @Yabba: Super strong BSBD vibes!

And everyone else: damn good stuff!


Ok I’m voting, this was really hard and made feel a bit embarrassed by my entry because there is some straight :fire::fire::fire: in this thread.

1st: I had go with @new_drugs entry… gave a real blockhead vibe (candles by cavelight era) and I’m a big blockhead fan.

2nd: @Yabba wooh nice vibe on this one, also clean production.

3rd: @Dkstr fresh and original sound and vibe here, really enjoyed it

But was a hard choice as there’s so many great beats here, awesome work to all :clap: