Elektrons on top of a keyboard solution

I have a komplete kontrol s49 keyboard on a keyboard stand and I’m looking for a convenient space saving solution to put DN, A4 and OT on top of it.

I saw people using something like this https://www.thomann.de/de/jaspers_3d_105b.htm in many videos, but maybe some of you might know better solutions.
So far I think I’d only need a stand with two levels…

I’m a complete DIY idiot, that’s why I’m asking for a product I can buy :slight_smile:

Thanks for recommendations.

depending on how compact you want it, i would go double tier stand and throw a board/plank on one of the tiers to house the electrons and the the keyboard on the other tier. that is how i keep a small setup for live shows, especially if space is a concern.

i use one similar to this


maybe this one would work for you for a more permanent setup

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Did that for years with a guitar pedal board on top, that is until I got power tools :smiley:


thanks, could work yes… If I find a suitable board :slight_smile:
Before I had the keyboard I used to put the cover of a pedal board case on top of a keyboard stand. But I could only place 2 elektrons on it

if you place the board on the bottom tier and use a deepish board you should be able to fit all 3 of your elektrons on the bottom tier. my setup for a while was a monomachine, digitakt, and three volcas which i was able to fit all on the bottom tier on a board that was a bookcase shelf.

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Might be the best solution. The Jaspers looks good though, it there was one with two levels.
Although, I would fill a third tier somwhere in the future most likely :upside_down_face:

3m adhesive Velcro for sticking smaller devices to the empty spaces on your kbd

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not enough free space on the komplete kontrol

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I use a two tier stand with a plank of wood on one of the tiers. Depending on what brand your stand is you may be able to purchase a second tier add on. Alternatively, you could get a larger plank of wood and place it on the stand like a table and use a clamp style DJ stand as your second tier, or just raise them with some books or something.

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