Elektrosluch 2 Sample pack

I saw this earlier on their page- I went to go pay for it, and then it was missing.

The link was gone, but they couldn’t eliminate the memory(or the google result). You can access it from this link here if you’re interested. at 3.33 Euros it seems like a decent deal for magical sounds to put into you AR, OT, or DT


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Nice one, have the first sample pack of the madness that is Elektrosluch.
Lol it’s the same one I had I guess coffee’s on me tomorrow for LOM :smiley:

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This is the first time I’ve seen the sample pack! :open_mouth:

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Would be lovely to own a unit and go hunting for sounds I reckon, have their Usi mic’s and their amazing quality.

they’re supposedly taking preorders for their new unit

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Everything over the sells out within minuets usually and if you check the website that indeed shows everything is

Damn! I had my opportunity! And I blew it!

Well- here’s hoping the samples are satisfactory!

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If you want it you better be on it the same minute as it goes up on the website cause everything literally sells out in minuets. Think it was like 7 mins when I bought my mics and everything was gone.

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Damn- oh well. I don’t need more equipment for sample fodder- editing those files are a pain(which I’ve just discovered I’m gonna have to do with the Elektrosluch pack…)

Cheers to low-key operations, right?

Edit: you really would have thought they would have charged more for that pack though- a little bit more work on the content and charge at least 5

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I have the electrosluch and it’s pretty fun!

Although, it’s funny because the sounds it generates are often the same sounds you’re trying to eliminate in your set up! …still super cool.

LOM’s newsletter just informed me today that they have a new instrument available:

…shit. Then the link says they’re already out.


I could have sworn I paid more for it the last time I bought it :rofl:

Yes I have to stop buying stuff as well totally losing track of what I’ve got already is probably a sign it’s time to relax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@PlumWrinkles read my posts above, you have to be on the site the same minute they put it up or it’s sold out, crazy how fast it goes.