oh aye, its a bunny rabbit aint it…

But it isn’t ELVIS and we all know everything looks betterer on a biggerer screen

i got thru 2 seconds of that… It reminded me of the start of’Astronomy Domine’ by Pink Floyd.

Love that song.

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more hint: Rytm has another display with 12 pixels

Wha’choo on abooot? 2 Displays… 12 extra pixels. flow mo info


hmm ok @void is talking about the pads! :slight_smile:

what’s going on there?


Machinedrum FINAL OS UPDATE: Greater likelihood of seeing Elvis!


…it’s complete! isn’t it?

i HAVE no idea what you’re all on about.

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not gonna spoil it but basically every time you boot your Rytm - watch the pads!


Thank you, @void. You have presented me the Moby Dick of the RYTM

I don’t have a RYTM can someone post a little visual explanation… And it better look like Elvis or else I’m telling on you.

After a very intoxicated lady spilled wine on the bottom left section of my Rytm, the pads would always show random colours on startup. Probably not the same thing though… :wine_glass:

very temperamental beasts. I’ve spilt no end of bock, port and gravy over my MD … maybe that is why i no see Elveees no more.

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Has anyone seen Elvis more than once, although I never look at the screen any more at boot up. Can anyone link to a video where you see the Rytm boot. Or I could just search for myself ; )

Guys! Has anyone seen or documented the one for the Monomachine?! I literally just booted it up and saw a quick image of a guy i’ve never seen, I didn’t have enough time to see what was written! Just the first line"Blessings from".

Tldr; Who did I just see on my MnM!


11 years on and still no Elvis.

Perhaps there’s a special key-combination on boot-up that instantiates an Elvis-sighting! Somebody figure this out!

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Somebody posted about this on the synthesizers subreddit today actually - he said it was the Dalai Lama! I haven’t seen any info about it online but apparently you guys both saw it on the same day. Freaky.

spotted here multiple times! always makes me laugh

That’s nutty! I was thinking maybe him or Gandhi. Makes me want to have a camera ready everytime I turn it on now!