Just now.


Haha, nice, how long have you had it? :slight_smile:

lucky you…I got my MDUW since 2007 and never seen elvis… :sob:

I started to think about sending it back to sweden to make it checked…it have to be something wrong with it…

If you wish too hard for him to appear, he won’t show up.


About a year. Actually, I have completely forgotten about this joke. Was almost shocked when I saw it.

Add me to the Not Once list.
Rocking mine since about 2006/07 and I’ve still never seen him.

I’ve seen it two years ago (after owning it since 2009).

But i can swear i was just lucky to be on the LCD in that moment.

So maybe some didn’t see him even if he’s already appeared.

hopefully, for those, not!

Yeah, that’s the thing, I rarely really pay attention when I turn it on. Goddamn Elvis!

Elvis told me today that this machine was OK.
I was pretty surprised, really love this Easter egg.

Thing is, it happened while plugging for the first time @guga’s SMD, so my first though was : “wow, Guga hacked the MD !”
You’re so brilliant, man, you know ?

Just curious if this is still a thing…

It’s been a while

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:grinning: probably came out to say hello to his new little friend :grin:

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I saw him today! Had mine 2 months but only actually had it at home for a couple of weeks!
Guess I’m lucky?


So, with the recent spurt of interest and sales of the mighty MachineDrum.

Has there been any Elvis sightings?

I saw him just the once and just about shit my dick off…

There must be more

Edit: By the way I bought my MD in 2008 … just the one shimmering elvis vision…

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one sighting here too…since 2009

A friend of mine was showcasing his studio to some artists and myself, I asked him if we could test out the MD. He flipped it on and we were greeted by The King!

“What the hell is Elvis doing here?!” He exclaimed in pure disbelief.

Happened earlier this year, and he always brings it up for laughs.

Do the analog boxes have any mystery guests living deep inside?

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Nah… the screen is too small.

the Rytm has a thing.
hint: it’s not Elvis.


Elvis last seen with A Empire, of Berlin: