Email notifications?

Is there any way to receive email notifications for the following?:

[li]Each time some replies to a thread you’re subscribed to.[/li]
[li]Each time someone replies to a thread you started (even if you are not subscribed).[/li]

Also, I often post to threads but forget to subscribe. Is there an option for automatic subscription to a thread you post on? No big deal.



.Make sure your email address is entered in your profile.

That’s what subscription is.

Subscription without subscribing? No.

Thanks peter.

My email address is correct, but I don’t get email notifications for new posts.

Basically, I only get an email notification if I get a direct private message. Not a big problem. Just curious.

(I see now that the other question re subscriptions was a bit dumb:)



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Same here. I don’t get email notifications.