Empty reset not doing what was expected


I would like to give my Digitakt a factory reset to start fresh with only factory samples and no projects but following the instructions of the manual I don’t get the results I want.
I press the FUNC key while powering on the machine and when I see the menu, it doesn’t matter if I press [2] (empty reset) or [3] (factory reset): the Digitakt restarts but my samples and projects are still there. The only thing that change is the slot 1 project, that is now a project called PRESETS.

I upload my samples into the Digitakt using the latest version of Transfer app on Mac.

Anyone has the same problem?
Thanks a lot

  1. Empty reset clears just the RAM, so the machine can start into a clean state.
  2. Factory reset restores the factory presets (sounds and preset project) to their initial state.

None of them touches user samples and projects. If you want to start from an empty +Drive you’ll need to format it (search the manual for “format”).

Maybe you’ll need to execute a factory reset afterwards to recover the factory presets.

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OK, I have misunderstood the explanation in the manual.
Everywhere I searched on the Internet explained the same procedual.

Thank you very much, I will try the option to “format” the +Drive.