Endless (Live Tech-house A4, AR, OT)

Hey all,

After a nail biting experience with a faulty CF-card in my OT and managing to rescue my live set, I’m back to writing new material for my upcoming show WHEW

Here’s my latest “Endless”. It’s inspired by a good friend @Sai who showed me how to rave again (in the comfort of my pijamas hehehe)



This is way nicer than rave though. Don’t play yourself down! :smiley: More like proggy trance or something like that.

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hah thanks @NSM still working out a couple little bugs in this one before I play it at my show next week. Listening again little chord stabs came out a bit weak — gonna make em more :muscle::muscle:

good one Walter :slight_smile: Although i must say that i still like your “Sine Vibes” the most :wink: Anyway this one is cool too! Like the groove of it.

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@umonox Cheers man ! I Sinevibes is still one of my favs too :snowflake::snowflake: Your recent stuff rocks too :slight_smile:

thanks man :slight_smile: Sadly im a bit out of ideas at the moment. Bought so much stuff recently; have to sort it all out now :slight_smile: Stay tuned :smiley:

Btw: Halfway through your video it looks as if the Sequencer of the OT is running out of sync :slight_smile: Must be the video recording i guess; track stays in Sync all the time. Listening to it again right now … gets you more and more the more you listen to it :slight_smile: Vibe captured perfectly i would say! Keep em coming!

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I made a couple mistakes using a “chopper” scene which put the synth sounds from A4 out of time a bit. Have to fine tune that a bit before playing this in front of people hehehe

Sorry to hear about inspiration levels - I’m sure you’ll turn it around quick man ! (these elektrons seem to creates ideas themselves sometimes haha) I’m actually going the opposite direction right now, simplifying my setup and selling some gear hehehe It’s liberating to have limitations somehow because I’m only focussing on the gear that I’m most natural with rather than tinkering. Most natural being AR and A4 - with OT for spiciness, samples, fx, and performance.

yep, limitations are great - they force you to use what you have. But the problem often is: You start a track with, lets say, the Rytm. You like the groove and everything and you say: Ok, i need some melodic stuff now. So you hook up the A4 and you do melodic stuff. Great. Now you notice: Fine, a Chord would be cool now. So you add the OT and then the trouble starts: Damn, that Chord is in the wrong key, damn Pitching it doesnt work, shit … you look at your A4 but at least 2 of the 4 voices are already used. Now what? :wink:

I think you should have the stuff you need to really get something “big” done but you should always start with as few machines as possible and see if you get the job done. That way you still limit yourself - somehow - but if the need arises you can go further and add something else. Thats why im stocking up at the moment :slight_smile: I hope it helps inspiration to return …

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nice groove man! good luck with the gig prep!

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Thanks, brother !