Endorphin.es Shuttle Control [If you use an Octatrack with modular gear]

I can definitely recommend investing in an Endorphin.es Shuttle Control. 16 assignable MIDI to CV outputs, several preset banks and the same amazing customer service I’ve enjoyed with Elektron. It’s been a complete game changer for me.


how do you connect the octatrack to the shuttle control?

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Yeah would love to get more info was about to get yarns.

Expert Sleepers FH-1 is a great companion as well, I think more than Yarns at least. Yarns will give you more on-board stuff to play with, but FH-1 is more open in how you can use all the outputs. Plus the FH-1 clock input can send MIDI out to the USB port, so you can control the tempo of your MIDI devices with a variable clock - it’s really fun! You just need a MIDI to USB adaptor (for either the FH-1 or Endorphin.es) to connect them.

would love to hear more experiences from user using the octatrack together with shuttle control

hey guys,

what cable do I need to use the octatrack with the shuttle control?

this http://www.thomann.de/de/miditech_midilinkmini.htm#bewertung

or that


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If I were you, I’d go for the new Hexinverter Mutant Brain instead. Much smaller and cheaper, and then you can build out your modular the way YOU want. The shuttle control is nice, but the fun part about modular is designing your own synth. I’ve had the Mutant Brain for about a month now. Love it!!!


I have the brain in the mail :slight_smile:

Not tried the Hexinverter Brain but the Shuttle Control is rock solid with a ridiculous feature set and great support. Best module I ever bought.

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I’m just saying, if your just looking for a module to convert OT MIDI data to CV, $160 for the mutant brain is a awesome deal. Plus, you won’t need a midi host since the brain has a 5-pin in.

Cool. It does look great. My back up is a CVOCD device, which is crazy value, especially if you DIY it via Thonk. This also works great with the OT.

Mutant Brain is a CV OCD in a euro module.

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I’ve been enjoying the Polyend Poly module, 8x cv gate mod so perfect for the OT with it’s 8 midi tracks… Also using midi din means it frees up the usb host port to power/amalgamate other units.

Expert Sleepers FH-2 is also awesome for this. I chose it over the Mutant Brain because the 8 outs can be assigned to gates / triggers or CV outs in any combination (eg. 8 CV’s only). I think the Mutant Brain is more fixed in this regard isn’t it ?

Me too! I’ve got mine now for 2 months and it is all I need to command my modular system with the Midi tracks of my beloved OT. The size matters in Eurorack! :wink:

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You can assign the 12 Gate outs to Gates, Triggers and even different Clock signals. http://mutantbrainsurgery.hexinverter.net/

Here is my octatrack to banana interface, 16 cv’s and 8 gates all freely configurable plus envelopes/smoothing on cv’s, edv-technik muc-810 with diy frac panel…



Some informations if you’re into other things than Shuttle Control (Cargo4) just to let you know how things have change since 1 year from now :slight_smile:

My POV :


  • my knowledge of OT
  • Benefit of all sampling capabilities of OT
  • Benefit of MIDI in Modular with the powerful sequencer of OT etc.
  • Benefit of Modular with now a lot of space, because of externalization of sampling module, and sequencer module (some may need another one in the rack…) etc.


  • I just begin my journey with this setup, so none for now :sweat_smile:
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