Enduring Machines

Shouldn’t really post this, as it’s still a work in progress. Just not sure when i’ll get to work on it more.

It’s a slow, bare bones, techno/ambient sci-fi piece. Inspired by some old B12, Stasis, Likemind type material. There’s obviously work to be done, but the idea behind the track & title means i wan’t to keep it minimal, repetitive and focused. But in time i will add to the sound content & structure, just not too much.



Very cool, sounds like you have the right goal in mind: add the right few touches to give it a final frosting without overdoing it

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Thanks for your input.

To be honest, I do this fairly often on the various Share threads. After all, it’s better to get feedback at that stage than when you’ve finished something and someone says, “I would’ve done it another way” haha. Anyway, I listened last night and loved it. Nothing to add.

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I really like this. Hypnotic and just the right amount of raspiness to snap you back out of it. Nice work.

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Cheers people. Much appreciated.

Removed now, until i’ve worked on some changes.

Thanks again.