Equipment & Humidity

I’m playing some gigs this year in climates I’m not so used to; the relative humidity will be around 77.3%.

I was hoping to take a MacBook Pro, Analog 4, Analog RYTM and iPad (might be a terrible idea as I’ll probably be dripping sweat onto the touch screen).

Anyone have experience with this? What precautions should I take?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You should be fine. However I would buy some large silica gel bags to throw in your case when you finish gigging. They should keep you safe. Another trick is to use electrical tape to tape up any joints, can easily be removed without damaging your gear.

The iPad will do fine


I’m in the most humid state in the US, Florida, and I’ve never had an equipment issue at hot clubs or outdoor shows.

The silica gels are a good idea though.

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Thanks guys, the silica gel is definitely a good idea.

Got a bit freaked out as the place I’m playing has the term “rain forest” in it but sounds like it’ll be fine.

You can also use rice in place of the silica.