ER-M midiclock info please

hey guys, i am planning to buy a ER-M MIDIclock for my setup…
the way i work now is the Rytm’s midi out is going to my midi thru box to all my other hardware (roland mx-1(using this as soundcard), tb-3,electribe 2 + sampler) never problems with that, always perfect timing. my rytm is also masterclock for ableton on mac via usb, that is where my problem is, its not stable. now i want to buy the ER-M MIDIclock, but do i need a seperate midi interface to connect my ableton to this ER-M?? or could i use 1 midi out from ER-M to go to my Rytm, ander the other 1 going straight in my computer (maybe with a roland um-1 midi interface to usb), or could there be an other option??
hope someone can help me out :wink:

I did some research and ended up going with the Expert Sleepers USAMO. I actually checked with E-RM and they said the Midiclock won’t do much with regards to syncing Ableton to hardware.

The USAMO is made just for this. I have it and I like it.

I have an ER-M Midiclock+, but my setup doesn’t really include any computer instruments, just hardware. I have used it as a master for Ableton, but that’s always a lil’ wonky because the tempo is constantly changing due to trying to keep up with the clock.

I’d recommend going josker’s route if you’re trying to get Ableton in sync with you setup, or some other option such as the Acme Clock or Sync-Gen II Pro, though those are some expensive options.

ok thanks, looked it up, interesting :slight_smile:
but any people here have experience, good or bad, with ER-M MIDIclock??

Definitely good, but it’s just not meant to keep your computer and gear in sync, just your gear. If you have a 100% hardware rig, then I’d recommend it.

zfigz, didn’t see your post yet :stuck_out_tongue:

so you still have that changing tempo with ER-M??
thought that would be gone with that…
yeah i know te other devices are really expensive.

i go diggin a bit deeper in the usamo reviews :wink:

cheers and thanks guys

to bad i need my ableton for my full tracks…

i’ll try find a way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure as I don’t have the unit, but I think you need ER-M the multi-clock, which also acts as a MIDI interface. This uses ableton to create the sync and keeps everything locked, as per the USAMO box. Been needing one for a while now to sync software and hardware accurately, but they are not cheap.

Yeah, that’s a solid option, too.

i’ve seen the multiclock, i know it would be perfect, but to expensive for me at the moment… if i had enough money, i would buy it all :smiley: haha