Escalation -AK- ( Hans Zimmer interestellar Style )

Hi there,

one week ago i receive my analog Keys. It took me a little to get tuned to the interface, but after a while it´s really straightforward and easy to use. Really love the sounds.

Here is a little music excerpt i create to use in a project im working in. All sounds except strings coming from the Analog Keys.

hope you like it.


I like it! It totally reminded me of Zimmer’s score. Loved his music in that film.

Well done, David.

Interstellar was definitely one of Zimmer’s best scores.
I just watched this the other day. That organ and its player are truly amazing.


Thank you , I agree that this score is wonderfull. And i admire Zimmer for bring back into nowadays music the impressive sound of an Organ. I think there some great achievements in Zimmer music.

Perhaps the counterpoints or orchestrations are not the best. But the concept, the sound design, the musical ecosystem he creates are wonderfull.

I just want to bring some emotions that the film and music bring to me in this small composition.

And of course i enjoy the heck twisting knobs and playing it on the elektron.