ETC video synth + OTC (Organelle) version

I tried out the Digitakt tonight for the first time with the ETC video synth from Critter & Guitari. The audio is all from the Digitakt, and it also controls the visuals using a single MIDI track. Thought some of you might find it worth a watch!


this is great, thanks.

The ETC is a lot of fun. The ability to send program change to switch through scenes on the ETC per step from the DT has made them quite the combo. :grinning:

Yes! It’s awesome. I’ve had trouble copying MIDI CC values on the Digitakt which has made things a bit less fun, but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the ETC given a bit of time.

Cool! Is the etc programmable at all or do you just get the visuals that come with it, and their established controls?

There are set modes and controls out of the box, but it’s fully programmable using Python, so you can create your own modes/download those created by others. It’s designed in the same vein as their Organelle synth - so that anybody can contribute/share.

Tweaking new modes is pretty easy if you have any sort of understanding of basic code. It’d be awesome to see more people writing brand new modes though.

It’s made me want an Organelle…


Very cool in that case!

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thanks @JohnnyEgo ,
ive created a new post now its released, and thanks to @ghostly606 for doing a much better job at showing what its capable of :slight_smile:

Ive released OTC (etc on organelle on patchstorage)

here was my quick tech demo…

but honestly the better (musical) demo was done by @ghostly606
(thank you for showing what is really possible)

I’m really loving Organelle, its a ‘coat of many colours’ … synth, fx box, sequencer and now video synth… a small box with so many possibilities… thanks C&G :slight_smile:

more info/support on installing etc here at the C&G forum


Thanks mate. But really, these guys do the best demo:



Put together a wee demo video of the ETC to show its MIDI implementation in action: