EU Replacement power supply for Alesis Mulitmix8 Firewire? (3 pin mini XLR, 18V, 700mA x2)

As the title says - I don’t suppose anyone has ever sourced a replacement power supply for an Alesis Multimix8 Firewire in the UK/EU? I acquired one which was being thrown out, but it has no power adapter.

I kind of assumed it would be a normal kettle lead plug or something, but the connector is a mini-XLR jack and it requires “18v 700mA x2”. Never seen a connector like that before!


I found one from the US but it would cost £40+ with import charges etc, TBH I’m not even sure if the mixer works etc. so not willing to spend that much! Replacement 220V Power Supply Alesis MultiMix 6 FX/USB,8 FX/USB,12 FX/FXD/USB | eBay