Eurorack as food for digitakt

Struggling with the Stages. I ordered a Tides 2018 to see If it makes it more easier for me to Patch up. I think atm. I dont need those multistage envelopes.

Yeah, and once the Case is full you realize that you bought the wrong modules and the exchange Game Starts. As bigger the case, as more you exchange modules. Took me five years and loads of money to get to the point where i am (mostly) happy with the size plus Setup.

What helps is to stay away from muffwiggler and other gear Forums and use the stuff thats there.

Semimodular Synths might be a good starting Point. Depending on your use case. If i would have nothing, i would start with a Minibrute 2/2s plus Rackbrute and two or three modules. Best Bang for the Money currently.


A4 saved me a lot of eurorack gas. My system could be better utilized with more filters, vcas, lfos etc but you can make a lot of good music with out a massive system if you have a couple of elektrons to help out and aren’t afraid of layering inside a DAW.

if you want to achieve polyphony or do that controlled-random-generative thing it can get pretty costly.

Marbles, Clouds, Plaits and you have that.

Korg Volca modular…

Synth parameter wise, the Electribe does have a knob per function interface. You only have to menu dive for the more global type parameters, which would not even feature on a modular system.

that’s still around 1K usd at retail. the mutable stuff never felt like knob per function to me but that definitely is a solid option.

The 0-coast is an incredible and versatile source for percussive and plucky samples. Actually all my (own) samples on the DT are created by it. It also gives you a great starting point to learn what eurorack modules you’ll have to invest in to get an even greater sample source. It can also act as a companion synth, but is imho rather limited for sustained sounds.

Yup 1k, but worth it! Clouds is awesome when fed with subtle Modulations. If you want a small generative Setup, get an A4 and a Clouds. These two together are already a half generative heaven Setup.


word, you don’t know how many times i’ve been tempted to purchase clouds. so many interesting versions/sizes of it.

have you seen the grayscale version Supercell? i almost expanded my 6u because of it :open_mouth:

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I got an 0 Coast awhile back for similar reasons…kinda wanted to dip my toe into the eurorack waters. I’m glad I did. 0 Coast is an awesome (tiny) synth that rewards experimentation. Had a blast with just a Digitakt and 0 Coast.

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When I had an A4, THIS is the video that made me grab a MI Clouds and Euro Case, then started buying modules, then realised that I was standing at the edge of a huge deep rabbit hole and was about to fall right in without even knowing it. I realised that in Eurorack, to build something capable of doing what even the most simplest of grooveboxes was going to take a lot of money. I was wanting to build a drum/sample sequencer and )send) effects box in Euro to go with the A4. But I decided to put my cards down and fold and sold everything lol.

If you’ve got a computer then VCV Rack is a super cheap alternative to building a Eurorack system and will give you great Digitakt fodder.

If you’ve got an ipad or iphone then theres a million and one amazing sound design apps out there that’ll give you infinite Digtakt fodder.


I thought I’d chip in here as this is a similar use case to mines and I’ve been on a bit of a journey with it. I started with the 0-Coast which I really enjoyed and that caused me to dip my toes in the water of Eurorack. I started with the (unfortunately named) Happy Ending Kit from Tiptop Audio as a case and expanded and eventually got a good deal on second hand case from the used section here. It was two rows of 104HP and I never did fill it as I realised that I don’t want or need a large multi-functional system. I’d rather have something smaller, self-contained that I can use either creating sample food for my OT or DT. Or that I can use as a single synth voice in a given song.

So, I’ve just redesigned, sold some stuff and slimmed down and I think I’ve got a nice neat compact setup that meets my needs (and works well with my 0-Coast!!!). In doing the research for that I decided against the new powered 4ms Pods which you mention in the first post. They have a limited number of modules they can support with their bus board and the power brick costs extra. If it was the Pod60 then, a Tiptop uZeus with Flying Bus Board would be a better option at the expense of 4hp. Though, by shopping about I got a MakeNoise 104hp skiff for roughly the same as the Pod60. And then I used the Tiptop uZeus that I still had from my HEK.

For the record, and to go against the grain of common though, for how you’re planning to start out you don’t need a lot of VCAs initially. Something like Pam New’s Workout combined with an MI Plaits would give you a lot of sample food mileage.

I’ve probably rambled enough.

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Ruismaker Apps are great!

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I think I’m leaning towards getting hold of some individual hardware boxes and seeing where that takes me i.e. relatively budget synths and FX that can either be used as sampling fodder or sequenced. I think, deep down, I know I probably don’t want to spend thousands on eurorack to try to make techno (in the broadest sense of the word) and other beat-driven music. I think if I wanted to explore ambient and soundscapes then it might be a different story.

Right now, I’m tempted to pick up e.g. a Microbrute, Drumbrute Impact, DFAM or even some volcas because I think I’ll get a lot more mileage out them than I will the eurorack. I could spend very little and make a lot of noise. That’s never going to happen with eurorack.

at this point, if this is just to serve as a sample source, I wouldn’t buy anything… just use VCV rack. Once you have a more precise idea you can buy a small case and a few modules.

Other options:

  • get a clavia micromodular
  • get a semi-modular: plenty of options there and very cheap (neutron !)

about modules with built-in vcas, envelopes, etc (plaits, braids, etc) or multi-purpose modules (distings…): I don’t like them. For me modular is all about a clear interface and modulations. Lots of modulations.

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Just want to mention the waldorf blofeld desktop synth. It’s digital and the handling could be a little bit tricky at the beginning.

But on the other hand it’s multitimbral, so you can trigger different sounds on the blofeld with all midi tracks from your digitakt simultaneously.

Also it has a modulation matrix inside, so you can route different signals to affect each other.

Last but not least there are also wavetables inside, which could be fun to explore (and control via digitakt).

So for me it seems to be good combination.


The irony here is that I returned my Digitone to get a Digitakt. I found it too difficult to program, although that is absolutely a reflection on my FM abilities and not the box itself!! It certainly sounded great.

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Slightly off-topic but I second this, especially as sample source. The Blofeld can make almost any sound, is very cheap on the second hand market.

Yep. Second. Blofeld is amazing sample fodder for the Octatrack. I’d get a Blofeld over a small size eurorack any day of the week (coming from someone who’s had a large euro system for 5 years). A couple of oscillators can only get you so far. A blofeld in euro terms would cost you loads!

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