Everett wa. Jam

Anybody in the everett wa. area? Lookin for some folks to meet up with and jam/share some beats, maybe some buds and brews as well


Finally !

Sup 425 in the haus, let’s jam bruh
SoundCloud.com/glooms for meh music :alien: I’m over in granite falls area , got all
Sorts of gear to bust out if you got space !

Fuck yeah! Ive actually got a buddy i jam with that lives over that way, we should gets some folks together and set up a meet!

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Yeah and a show ! My origin is chipmusic and I’m tired of playign chiptune shows , so super down to play with some hardware folks.

I know a dude in downtown everett here that rents out a rehersal jam space for 10 bucks an hour, could work out for a good meeting spot

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Oh nice that would work great especially if it has a huge table !

Thumbs up from Seattle!


Replying to keep my eye on this; I’m in the Lynnwood/Bothell area.

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Yeah Washington elektron Unite!

I’ll talk to dude and find out the details, i think hes got a pa there but if not, ive got one i can bring. Theres also several good drinking establishments whithin a few blocks

I’m in Spanaway.

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I think it would be fun for everybody(if youd like to) to put together a track or beat you can perform/jam on for a few minutes or so, so we can all get an idea of what were all into

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I am in Tacoma, FWIW. I’ve been a recluse and am perpetually never finished with things. Probably because I am better collaborating with other people than solo.

I should probably actually record a thing or two


Sup ya’ll, waving hallo from beacon hill!


Just talked to my buddy with the practice space, theyre doin some work on the building so it wont be available for another couple weeks or so, he does have a pa there though