Exaggerating Aggregate device Input via Overbridge, and then some

Dear Gurus and Geniuses,

pursuing the never ending quest of avoiding spend, Syntakt once again struck me in awe, working seamlessly in an aggregate device teamed up with motu m4 and audient id4 to shove a stunning 26 inputs up my daw - bravo to everyone involved in creating such wonder!

Naturally, that’s when you think “Why not two more?”. So I grabbed a pre-owned id14 to add the 2 Ins, my Hobbyist soul was in such desperate need of.

Now, magically, Motu m4’s Inputs 1+2 crackle away in most un-reproducable manners, sometimes after minutes, sometimes seconds of playing the Hydra they track. To leave me to two burning questions:

  1. Was merging 3 interfaces & ST in one aggregate device idiotic in the first place?
  2. The all familiar: anyone ever had similar issues and/or a pointer??

Cheers & thanks in advance,