Exception SSP : 8 Vec :00

had this on screen this morning… seems only to occur when A4 is midi connected … :frowning: ---- ticket filed with HQ already

heard back from HQ … seems to be a nasty bug that they are trying to eliminate

Nice, TrabanT…
Would you mind sharing some details on the connection + the manipulations you were doing to make this happen ?

I’ve had this issue a few times (like 10-15) when the rytm is receiving midi clock/part of a midi chain. Never ticketed or reported it. Maybe should have as in most cases the only way to resolve it was a system reset. It was unnerving turning it off/on multiple times to see the same message every time i pressed play on another device.

had the AR midi slaved to A4 … not using the AR much I have to say… just couple of days ago few hours to rec OB into Ableton … last night I went to bed turned them off, next morning turned them on and buuuh surprise… sent HQ the sysex project … reloaded the faulty project,… AR still showed the error code … now I started a new project, messed around for few hours with samples and internal machines… nothing to report… havent tried midi slave yet … will keep u posted… .
on a side note: enjoyed my AR session today (on the brink of letting her go for a 2nd A4)

Have just got my AR and found this post… Does this issue happen while using AR with Overbridge only ?

my perspective was not using over bridge, just midi.

when the error appeared I was not using the AR in OB, she was slaved via midi through the A4.
The AR is a pretty reliable toy I must say… dont worry about your new investment Uturunku… on a side note: the elektron guys are pretty sweet with their warranty!

Thanks for answer, TrabanT!
Yesterday had my first touch to AR. Very interesting machine!

exception msg

Fixed with today’s Rytm OS update:

List of changes from OS 1.21B to 1.21C Bug Fixes
Device would crash with exception error when placing two notes with parameter slide on the exact same time in the sequencer (using micro timing).

Pattern master length settings equal to or greater than 256 would not be loaded properly (losing its most significant byte).

Device would crash with exception error on pressing double stop (or loading project) after reboot when master pattern length was set to a multiple of 256.