Exchange between two tracks


Is there a quick way to do it? I mean, I have track 1 and track 2 and I want to change their position so track 2 becomes 1 and vice versa…

With one additional empty temporary track, I can probably do it with multiple copy-paste but this is tedious.

No. You just do the multiple copy/paste.

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Thanks. So is there a way to copy-paste sound+trigs in one operation that I’m missing?

Nope. There used to be a cool copy/paste menu on the Monomachine, but as always, Elektron has sadly gotten rid of another useful feature!

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BTW, I bought your sound library and I am really enjoying it! :grinning:

Is changing patterns an option? Copy the pattern to another slot, leave the first one alone and setup the copy in the new slot as the inverse. Would that work?

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