Exchanging data between projects


My goal is to perform a live set using (among others) the Analog Rytm and the Analog Four (both MKII). I have several different projects that contain very different material, for instance even quite different genres. One of those projects is the live set. Other projects are used for different stuff. Most of the time I begin my sessions by jamming something, and it is only after a while that I know which project the newly-created material better fits into. Therefore, it is very often hard to know in advance which project I should load. I also need to copy material from past projects that may fit well into the live set. In short: I am constantly switching between projects and need to exchange (copy) data between them.

[1.] I know how to copy kits and patterns between projects. The problem is that the way I learned it, only single patterns/kits can be copied at once. This takes a lot of project reloading, which in turns takes a long time. What is worse: If I have a pattern tied to a specific kit (which I would argue is the most usual case) I would have to first copy the pattern, and then copy the kit, which requires doing the whole process twice. And this for each pattern/kit that I want to copy, of which there are often several ones.

[2.] I have also noticed that in the case that the sounds in a kit contain samples, those samples are not copied within projects. One example would be to copy a kit from the presets project. This requires to load the sample on the target project. Then I would have to lookup in which slot the newly-loaded sample has landed (which is almost certainly different than the slot in the previous project). Which means that for each sample used in the kit, I would manually need to find it and configure it again. The presets often use samples, and in that case you would have to really research what sample it was, since you didn’t even create the kit yourself.

My question for this group is: is there a more efficient way of exchanging data between projects? It would be very useful to copy several kits/patterns at once. It would also be useful to have a sample management that really enables copying kits that use samples between projects, while somehow preserving the links to the samples in the new project.

Curating material for a live set heavily involves copying data from past projects, and with the described workflow this is basically not practicable.

Many thanks in advance for your kind support! :slight_smile: