Experience with Akai controllers? (MAX49)

I recently came up on a MAX49 by Akai for 100 bucks. I figured why not, now I’d have some solid key action for my Digitone and Mother32
Im rather excited about the idea, but when I introduce the controller to my Midi chain, it seems to drop the clock and all the program changes as the signal hits the MAX49.

My previous chain was Digitakt > Octatrack > Digitone > Mother 32 and it ran beautifully.

This new chain stops the clock and program change as it reaches the MAX49:
DT > OT > MAX49 > DT > M32

Ive looked into the menu settings on the MAX49, I didn’t quite find anything that would remedy this. Have you experienced something similar? Let me know if there’s something Im overlooking!

Could you add in what ports everything is connected too (I.e. in, out, or thru)? It would be easier to help you troubleshoot.

Oh right, I basically had

DT out - OT in - OT out - MAX49 in - MAX49 out - DT in - DT out - M32 in

If that makes sense. I basically used the outs, not really utilizing any Thru ports. Would you know of a more convenient way of routing all this?