Experience with Antelope Audio, esp. Discrete 8 Synergy bla

Hi there, was searching around the forum for some advice about Antelope, and would like to ask some questions if anyone be so kind to help me.
I am looking at a Discrete 8 Synergy Core interface, because it’s on promo with all the extra features such as using its powered plugin engine in a DAW (feature that’s paid for usually)
There is a lot of incomplete info on the net, so:

Can you use it as a standalone real time mixer with iOS? in the case I perform live and need such a thing.
Can you use it as a mixer AND insert the DSP effects on some or all the channels?
(btw, how is it connected to an iPad? camera kit I presume)
Am curious on HOW exactly is the workflow with it.
I intend to use it as a main monitor mix output for Ableton Live AND also use the other ins and outs to set up send returns with analogue gear. Secondly, as a mixer when playing DAW-less or even as a sound reinforcement processor, such as a limiter between a DJ rig and expensive amps and loudspeakers.

much obliged!

AFAIK, The unit can operate standalone with pre-configured settings (mixes, levels and DSP FX) but you cannot operate it from an iPad. However, if you want to tweak something in its console you need a computer.

Each analogue input has its own FX channel strip where you can place up to 8 FX per channel strip (64 in total)

AFX2DAW is Thunderbolt only currently available for Mac, but they are working on Win version.

In the meanwhile I got the Antelope Discrete 8 Synergy Core at a good price together with a bundle of FX. I’ve slowly been learning how to use it and it’s daunting routing. All good minus the well known driver issues, which are being addressed by them, albeit quite slow.
It’s a good system and the converters are very good sounding, however I sometimes regret I didn’t go for a MOTU for its drivers and mixer application, that is more successful for what I really want - to use it live as a mixer with send returns in hardware.

I owned the orion 32+ gen3. After a struggle of 3 months with software and hardware failures i got a refund from my dealer. Wouldnt recommend… got a uad apollo x8 and did not experience 1 issue… control panel is also easy to understand…


That sounds like a bad dream, lucid. I am afraid I need 2 uad x16, in stead of 1 Orion+
But so much negativity about antelope makes me feel bad. Like buying behringer

3 years later, I’ll gladly report that Antelope is since gone and I’ve switched to a UAD X8, got a good deal with lots of plugins already included and handed over by the previous owner.
This one is way more straightforward and predictable to use. Although, some (just some) of the Antelope’s emulations sounded FAT.

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