Export Analog Rytm MKI Sounds as WAVs

Trying to export sounds I’ve made on the Analog Rytm as WAVs to add to my computer’s drum library. All I can export them as are .arsnd files, and I can’t figure out if there’s a way to convert them. Any insight would be great, thanks! Using the newest version of Transfer, btw.

You can’t export sounds as wavs from the RYTM mk1, only preset data. Just sample the output of your machine.

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I’ve exported tons of wavs from my MKI using Transfer

Not familiar with the mk1, but I’m guessing those were samples not sounds (as in: samples+ the track settings saved as sounds)?

Recording the output seems like a logical solution.


Oh I completely misunderstood the question.
You’d definitely have to record the output on an MKI