Ext MIDI Keyboard Notes + Clock from Rytm?

Hi all, new user here.

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to have a midi keyboard plugged into the DT while also receiving the clock and transport from the Rytm. I am loving doing tempo synced jams with both machines, but I would like to be able to enter notes into the sequencer with my keystep (playing the trig keys doesn’t do it for me – I prefer playing velocity to programming it). The catch here is that I want the Rytm to be the master, and the DT the slave.

Here are a few configurations I have tried:

Keystep Midi Out => DT Midi In, DT Midi Out => Rytm Midi in
Achieves note input + transport sync, however DT has to be the master in this configuration which I don’t like as much

Keystep Midi Out => Rytm Midi In, Rytm Midi Thru => DT Midi In
Receives note information from RYTM, does not receive transport information

I considered getting the DT Keys version, (the extra I/O alone is very nice) however I plan to be traveling abroad with my elektron gear and the DT Keys looks like it would be a lot more to carry around with me.

This forum post makes me think it isn’t possible MIDI clock + midi thru? Possible?, but I am open to any configuration ideas you all might have