Extend 64 steps tout 128?

Hello, is this possible to have 128 steps by patterns ?
Or a way to extend the original 64 steps by patterns into 128 steps by patterns ?
Maybe if I divise the BPM by 2?

Yes, I think setting the speed to 0.5 is your best bet there. Will double the resolution

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Conditional trigs(with retrigs) are also an option to theoretically have double the steps.

also different track length.

adjusting the Tempo to 1/2 will still only give you 64 steps, you could more easily accomplish the same by setting track speed to 1/2 so that it will stay in sync with your other gear?

You could also pattern chain- and that will legit give you up to 128 steps(for 2 patterns)


It would be so damn rad if we could set independent scales for each track.

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have you seen page 33 in the manual?

You can set independent track lengths but not (to my knowledge?) track scale (i.e. you can’t have one track going at 1x bpm and another track going at 0.5x bpm)


ah, yes. i see

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