External Audio

Is there a bug with my Analog 4 an external audio? The overbridge meters show activity but no audio is coming into the Ableton mixer.


You have to specify I think. Do you hear the internal sounds in ableton? Have you turned up the gain on the external inputs inside he A4?

I had the same problem with my A4. The Peakmeter of input 1 is flashing but in Ableton A4 Vst at ext. in 1 no input.
I think it is a bug or so.
Now I connect my external directly to the audio interface not to A4.
Overbridge isnt stable enough to work without frustrating (Ableton 9 Win 10 AMD FX)

its definitely a bug anyone else have this working on Win 10? I uninstalled and reinstalled a few time to no avail

But you could be happy cause you got the keys with external individual outputs. There is no need for Overbridge.

I don’t have Analog keys what made you think that?

uups sorry my mistake

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Same problem here, using the A4 as an audio interface with Renoise. The Overbridge control panel shows activity on the inputs, but nothing gets delivered to the DAW.

Are you using Windows 10 also?

That’s right.

We seem to have a Windows 10 Overbridge bug?