External Control: X-Touch + Digitakt =?

Did a forum search and nothing came up.

Has anyone attempted to use a Behringer X-Touch Compact or X-Touch Extender for external control of a Digitakt?

Seems like the motorized faders and infinite encoders should work well with pattern changing. Plus the price isn’t bad.

X-Touch Compact: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XTouchC--behringer-by-touch-compact
X-Touch Extender (works in standalone): https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XTouchEXT--behringer-by-touch-extender


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Faderfox UC4 is smaller, cheaper and sturdier. The faders aren’t motorised but I’m not even sure if that would even work - can the DT be made to send volume status on pattern change?

Sorry this is a long resp. Some ideas: I expect that the X Touches would work OK - but better check if you can control the MIDI config - I imagine they use the Mackie/Logic Control ‘protocol’ (simply an arbitrary map of notes/ccs to particular controls). You might have trouble mapping stuff to the Digitakt if that’s the case.

The Behringer BCN44 & BCR2000 (their 2 x older rotary controllers) can be reprogrammed on the device itself and are pretty good as long as you verify that the connected device can send updates.

like you mention: the knob/button/fader value (be it physical move or LEDs) need to update in response to a change on the device itself. I think the Octatrack can kinda do this with the ‘CC Direct Connect’ settings - or is it under the MIDI > Control

I kind of dislike faders for this sort of thing - they should really be motorised to reflect the device state & then they need to be touch-sensitive so they know to release to manual control instantly.

Anyone using it?

Hi, I just bought an bcr2000 and I’m having some troubles to get feedback when I’m changing patterns on digitakt.
Works fine when you move encoders on digitakt, that infomation goes direct to Bcr and other way around if you move knobs on Bcr but the thing is I want to change from pattern 1 to pattern 2 and get the information of pattern 2 in my Bcr and that’s not happening. I have to move just a little bit the encoders on digitakt to “tell” Bcr: " Hey, this is the position now" and Bcr is “Oh!!, okay, Now Im there”.

Please, somebody can tell me how to set upt this things to acomplish what I want?, Thank you!!!

I think it´s not possible if Elektron doesn´t implement the CC61 on the Digis.

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Thanks, I didn’t know about CC61!, hope Elektron make it!