External controller to change patterns?

I’d like to change patterns with my feet, but I can’t think of a way to send program changes incrementally with one button… Does anyone know of a foot controller that can do that?

Edit: I want to use this live, so computer scripts aren’t in the picture.

For example, the Art Midi Master Control X-11 or X-12.


Smallest size?
Maybe Sansamp Midi Mouse? (2 button presses I guess). Analog Drive?
My HX Stomp guitar fx should do it (one button press), probably too expensive to that purpose only!

Hmm… Have been considering an hx stomp already… Would I have to make identical hx patches if I didn’t want to change my guitar sound at the same time? And would there be an audio dropout on the guitar sound?

Great compact product. I hesitated to ask you what was the foot controller reason / instruments played. :wink:

To answer your questions, yes and yes I think.
I made a test for pattern changes + recordings. The audio gap wasn’t that bad. If the instrument is soloed without additional fx, obviously hearable.

I can make other tests later if you wish…but I’ll be busy soon.

Intriguing… And it looks like I can also send tempo per preset from the hx to solve the OT tempo-per-project issue! Have you tried this?

I use a POD HD500X, which is really flexible as a MIDI controller and amp sim. If you have it set in the right mode, you can have any of the eight footswitches turn on/off an internal effect or be used to send a MIDI note or CC. I have accidentally used it change patterns when trying to accomplish something else, so I know it can be done! I am working on live set using just the HD500X and the Octatrack. (And a guitar.)

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May evolve, not really an issue but an initial choice. You can set tempo with Arranger.
I wouldn’t use OT slaved, because I use it for recording. I tried HX Stomp with OT midi clock + CCs > buggy. I’m not sure it’s midi clock is reliable anyway.