External fx pedal

I’m still learning the octatrack and I’m about to buy a strymon big sky. Could someone give me a quick tutorial on how I set this up wth octatrack (no other gear)? All I want to do is use the pedal to apply reverb to a couple of the channels (like an insert fx). I’ve looked at p121 of the manual but it’s still not clear to me…

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You only need to follow steps 1, 3, and 10 from that Setup Example in the manual. The last three sentences of step 10 are important.

What happens when you try it?

I have this working now but setup like this the FX play when the track is muted. How do I route things if I want the FX to be muted when the track is muted?

if you r using the cue outs, you could press cue+track to stop it sending to the outputs

also you could setup a thru machine and stuff the bigsky signal in there then go to the mixer page and turn off the direct playing inputs

another possibility would be to use the headphone output to send tracks to your reverb… this way you get a dedicated send knob… (you can configure this somewhere in the studio setup settings blabla)

im sure there is more possibs (as always) but im tired now sry

Is there a way to use external fx on cue outs and switch the signal to “post mixer”? I want to send multiple tracks to an external delay but when I mute the tracks, I can still hear the delayed sounds.

Answered above. You can’t change the routing.
But you can use Studio Mode, that mutes MAIN and CUE at the same time.

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