External FX

I’m looking for a cheap(affordable) multiFX stomp or tabletop unit that can do both series and parallel. It’s for my Typhon and Digitakt. So I’m if anyone has experience with zoom nux Moore or any other affordable multi units that can stack and tweak FX?
Any advice is appreciated

You might have to define ‘affordable’ into an actual price range… otherwise I’d say Line 6 Helix FX takes some beating for bang for buck and sound quality.


Yeah, I’d second the HX FX and can be had for a good price used…

Assuming that is over budget I’ve heard good things about the zoom multi-stomp range


I don’t have the Nux Moore, but Nux is 100% my new go-to budget pedal company. The Analog Delay and the DuoTime and I think they are both great for the money. I’ll try remember to come back and post it but there is a shoot out between the Strymon DiG and the Nux DuoTime and sound-wise they really aren’t all that different–you know, just as an example of sound quality vs. $$$

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