External input levels too low on A4 Mk2?

Hey guys, currently trying to pare down my gear to just a minimum and I’d like to hold on to the A4, but unless I can figure this out I’ll probably keep the DN and lose the A4.

On the Digitone, using the the external inputs (for my OP-Z and OP-1) to process/add effects and just generally use as an audio interface through overbridge works great. Levels sound balanced against the DN’s own internal synth engine, can’t fault it. But on the A4, inputs sound super quiet relatively, even with levels turned up to max on the FX track.

Is there something I’m missing? Should I be running them through something else first to boost the signal, or is there a setting I haven’t found yet? Any thoughts appreciated!

To you mean the levels when routed via Overbridge to the computer or also directly on the machine (headphones/main outs)?

About your question: When you are using the FX track for the external inputs (and not the inputs as oscillator sources) then there are no other settings.

When routed via overbridge - I haven’t checked the levels through headphones, but either way I’d like it to be working properly through OB.