External Instrument Ableton Plugins & OB

Hi Elektraunauts

I have a question,

I would like to know if it is possible to use my TB303 connected to the input of my Analog Oven as “External Instrument” on Ableton Live.

I have already done the “normal” overbridge configuration method.

But I would like to retrieve the TB303 with midi and audio in the same ableton track, rather than having a 303 midi track and a 303 audio track (TRK.4)

For MIDI no problem my TB303 is detected, but for audio I do not find how to put the Analog 4 TRK.4 in the Audio From Section.

Maybe Agregate Device ??

I do not have a audio interface, just overbridge.

Thank you for your time

Nobody knows ? Maybe my explanations are not obvious

The external instrument plug works by means of your main soundcard. So then you’d have to set up your A4 as a soundcard. Is that what you’ve done? Do you have a screenshot of your preferences?

Hi, thanks for your time.

No I have CoreAudio In Audio Preference

I test when I get home from work.

I would like to thank you for your work on Youtube which helped me to buy my elektron

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Pass audio from TB303 through A4 by Overbridge and get audio in a normal audio track.
See Analog Four manual P69 it’s an exemple with guitar but your TB303 is mono and should be passed the same way if you haven’t an audio interface.



Maybe the kitchen spam wasn’t spam after all, guys! But if Elektron are branching out in that way, I could use an Analog Toaster more.

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Merci William, Mais ce n’est pas ce que je recherche, je sais comment mettre le TB en EXT.IN. ce que je veux c’est avoir l’audio et le midi dans une seul piste ableton.

For CarlMikaelBjork :

Setup Live a aggregate audio device with Analog Four And Rytm and TB-03 sound cart.

TB-303 plus into analog four input left and use track 1 of A4 for use overdrive and filter.

Sure. Aggregate. Or feed through Overbridge plug.

So the question was not one of getting sound through “external instruments” plug, but one of getting sound into Live. :wink:

Have a great Friday!

I have already sound in the ableton live, my problem is a im maniac of storage ^^. i hate have a 2 track (1 audio and 1 midi for 1 instrument :smiley:

Group it together so i have 1 track then :stuck_out_tongue:

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haaaa It’s too simple