External midi sequencing only from c7-c3?

I was hoping to strip my current setup down to just my AR mk2, Virus Ti2 61 note, and my OB6 keyboard, taking advantage of the multi-timbral mode of the virus. I enjoy recording live, playing everything all at once into my DP32sd (no, I haven’t used a computer since my Mac Pro broke down 7 plus years ago, so using a daw to sequence is not an option). After getting everything setup, i realized that my AR mk2 only has a note range of c7-c3 for sequencing external gear, which means i can’t sequence anything on my virus past middle c. Am I missing something here? Is this really a limitation of the sequencer? Any help is much appreciated. I have an arturia keystep pro, but i really was trying to scale everything down to fit nicely into a corner of my living room. I don’t have the room for all my gear to be setup at once anymore. i was hoping i could just use the AR for my sequencing duties. I don’t mind sacrificing the tracks since i use drums sparingly anyhow. i like to have 2-3 sequences happening along w/ my pads and minimal drums - i suppose what is called berlin school nowadays. any help is much appreciated.


This is a legacy of the way the AR was designed originally which was not in anticipation of general MIDI sequencing duties

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I appreciate your response. Thank you. I’m assuming digitone and digitakt don’t have this limitation? Also, do you know if digitone was updated with song mode like digitakt was?

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They were designed to have dedicated (rather than retrofit) MIDI sequencing from the outset. No such compromise as the MIDI is not piggybacked on existing sequencing methods

All 3 Boxes got the song mode!
Digitakt has 8 didicated MIDI tracks, Digione 4; Syntakt has no dedicated ones, but you can select MIDI for every Track and have the same features, as the other 2 have on them.

thank you. i suppose a quick google search would’ve told me that as well. i only heard about the digitakt getting song mode. that’s great that digitone did too.

that makes sense. i was hoping to just have a 3 piece setup but i guess the keystep pro will have to stay. i can’t justify buying a digitone or digitakt just for the sequencing while i already have a digital powerhouse with my virus and a sampler and drum machine with my analog rytm

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