External modulators for Digitone in Max

Hey guys and girls. I got my self a digitone recently and I had to go through a very fast production. One of the things I was missing during my adventure is that I wanted more modulation and sync options. The envelopes and the LFOs are great but I wanted to have some more complex modulators and to have them snapped to my Logic’s grid. I work mainly through OB, which besides the bugs is awesome. Yesterday night I made this little tool to satisfy my desire. The idea is that I have three modulation engines. The first one is a curve envelope generator similar to Massive’s performer. The second one is a simple 16-step stepper and the third one is a random generator. Logic sends a master clock to the engines. The modulators send data to the digitone AU in Logic and from there I can record automations or send the modulation straight to the hardware. It still needs work to correct some issues here and there but I had fun yesterday. If anybody else thinks that it can be useful I can fix some bugs and uploaded as a free app or even make an open-source AU/VST in the future.


I made an alpha build that you can find below. I included the original max patch in case that someone is in editing mode. There are some basic instructions but let me know if you have any troubles with it.


This looks really interesting! Going to download it when I hop out of bed here and give it a twirl :smiley: thanks for the coding cycles and share!

…nice effort…