External pads and rytm sounds

Hi, I’ve a problem, so if somebody can enlighten me…

I would like to play with external pads( Alesis Percpad) some rytm
sounds, but actually, the sound it’s not the same when i play the
rytm pads than the external pad…I would like to play both, the synth
and the sample sound…are there any restrictions about that, or something in the
globals that I must change? maybe alesis percpad?(but that is just the trigger…)
I don’t really know what it sounds different…
Help me please :blush:

  1. Ensure that the Alesis is sending the default track note to the RYTM and NOT one its chromatic notes (which will change pitch of the triggered pad)

  2. Ensure any aftertouch effects are not on the RYTM’s tracks…this will cause pressing the pads to sound different than a pure external trigger

  3. If the Alesis has a different velocity curve than the RYTM, any velocity mod settings will also change how it sounds

Hey Thanks mekohler!

  1. Alesis is sending note from 0 to 11, just pads, not chromatic.

  2. The thing is that when playing rytm kick pad or sequencing it, it sounds
    ok with the filter and his envelope, but when triggering it from alesis it’s like it lost
    his filter envelope attack, no mids/highs there…I can’t check now the aftertouch
    settings, I will take a look later, but not sure it will affect like that anyway…

  3. I don’t think that Percpad has different velocity settings…it’s very simple, but I
    will look after that, also.

Thanks again for your interest!