External Transport Control?

Does anyone know the format for controlling the transport? I tried using the MMC protocol as seen here: http://www.blitter.com/~russtopia/MIDI/~jglatt/tech/mmc.htm

“0xF0 0x7F [color=GREEN] 0x06 [color=ORANGE] 0xF7”

but I am not getting any response. I do have Transport Receive checked and the transport from the DAW works…I am looking for the exact spec/commands so I can do this programatically. Any ideas?

system real-time messages…


Thanks. That works, almost. If you send START, the rytm now expects you to also send clock messages, so the transport won’t actually start unless you are externally clocking it.
The REC and REC+Play transport button also doesn’t respond to real-time messages.
I haven’t found a way to simulate an actual button press of the transport, maybe it’s not possible. Thanks though!

Sorry to necromance such an old thread, but you are saying it’s not possible to control the AR’s transport externally? @void do you happen to know anything about this?

The reason I ask is, I was thinking of configuring a footswitch to enable/disable realtime recording of the rytm, and reading the manual seems to indicate no way of mapping the rec nor play buttons via midi :tunga:

it’s pretty easy to do it, just use system realtime clock and transport

I think that @tsutek wants to control recording via MIDI and is appealing to @void in case there is an undocumented SysEx command to enable/disable recording.

exactly. I’m curious to know if one can set up a footswitch to control recording/overdubbing, like on classic MPCs. But if you cannot control rec button, even with sysex, then it cannot be done…

I doubt the record status is covered by the hackiness that would be required to achieve this, even a regular sysex string would be outwith the bounds of the majority of footcontrollers, but the route into a slim chance hack would need some computing muscle … let’s look at it another way, does Strom even currently offer any record controls ?

I think remote control of record states would be great BTW :thup:

I haven’t found a way to mimic using the physical transport with any MIDI/MMC/Sysex commands yet…not sure if void has or if anyone else has tried.

The processing muscle would be no problem, that’s what the bomebox is for :sunglasses: