FabFilter 40% Off 15 Year Anniversary Sale

Might be of interest to some… FabFilter is having a 15 year anniversary sale with all plugins 40% off. They normally never go above 20% off. Last time they discounted this much was 5 years for their 10 year anniversary, so if you want a big discount now is your chance.

If you use JRRShop you can add the ‘forum’ discount code for small further discount (few dollars):

40% off all FabFilter 15th Anniversary Sale:

If you already own something from them you might have upgrade offers directly from them, so login into your account at FabFilter.com and check.


Thanks for the heads up! Just got the reverb, Saturn and updated to Q3 and L2. Their stuff is fantastic!!!

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Awesome! Yeah, I finally picked up one of the bundles. 40% off is a great deal – not to mention all of the discounts on future products and/or updates. FabFilter isn’t like Waves or PA… they don’t put things on sale for a fraction of the price 6 months after release. It’s rare to get more than 20% off, so I had to jump on it myself.

I love their reverb (been using it on nearly everything now), and their timeless 2 delay is pretty insane. It can get you some very colorful, psychedelic, delay trails.

A good occasion to update to Q3.
I 'm on the fence on their limiter. Might be overkill for my needs.

Any particular standouts? I haven’t tried any of them, but hear good things. What are people’s top pick? Saturn is the one people have suggested to me in the past.

FYI it’s cheaper at https://www.bestservice.com/fabfilter.html right now.

The Pro-Q 3 is probably one of the best, if not the best, EQ out there. Saturn is also a superb saturation/distortion on the market. Honestly, their whole line of effects is fantastic.

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