Factory Waveforms

Well, yesterday I became a proud owner of Mono mkII. Alas, the machine has one problem - on the startup, it says that DigiPro doesn’t have any waveforms, and needs to upload them. I’ve found somewhere that I need file named “Elektron_SFX60MKII_waveforms.syx” to do this, but I cannot find it on Elektron’s site. Can someone help me, please?


[font=.HelveticaNeueUI]Scroll to the Monomachine section, should be the file titled “Patch Pack DPRO User Waves”.

I’ve already tried with this file, and nothing happened. Actually, the main problem is that MnM doesn’t show options for DigiPro manager (in Global), and I have only Wave and BBox options under Machine options in Synth menu. User waves don’t help at all, simply, I cannot load them. Slots are empty, options don’t show… Maybe that can be done by downgrading OS (mine is on 1.32B), don’t know… Real bummer! Having mkII for user waves, and no user waves at all!!

That’s strange since it should come from the factory with these available, unless perhaps it is an old unit. Either way I would contact the seller first and then maybe Elektron support.

Thank you all for fast response, I’ve contacted Elektron support. However, it’s not the only unit out there with the same problem, because the documentation of OS 1.32B denotes that in the case like this you should write to the support team (did see it last night - sorry for creating this topic). Obviously, this is rather common problem with earlier units, and I hope that the problem will be easily fixed with the proper .syx file. However, MnM is still wonderful, even without user waves, I’m just scratching the surface, and it seems it’s a perfect companion for my Waldorf Q and TI Snow!

How did you resolve this one in the end. I’m in the same boat. Second-hand MnM, no waveforms, no DigiPro Manager and waveform file on Elektron website doesn’t do anything. Does anyone have a copy of “Elektron_SFX60MKII_waveforms.syx”?