Faderbox to control A4 MK2 or AR MK2 track volumes via Midi?

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to control the track level of individual tracks of the mentioned devices via for example a Faderbox via MIDI ? Like fader 1 is volume of track 1, fader 2 is volume of track 2, etc…
I checked the manual but couldn’t find a Midi CC for each specific track (for example CC 70 = level of track 1, CC 71 = level of track 2, … I imagined those numbers)

I know this could be done via a mixer and the individual outputs, but the solution I think about would be cool.


Sure, it’s the same cc but the tracks are separated by midi channel…

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Yes track level should be in the table of midi cc’s…

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A4 os update release notes has the info not in the original MK1 manual

Track level can now be controlled via MIDI CC 95 or MIDI NRPN (MSB=1, LSB=100).

AR pdf is showing CC95 too and also quotes the same NRPN values

These have been mentioned a few times on the forum so it’s always worth a search

All from one device may be tricky as they share the same CC

PS @eangman

I haven’t checked the MK2 manuals or the last iteration of the A4 MK1 (or others, if relevant) but it’d be good to check/fix any omissions as this issue sometimes comes up as a result of the info only appearing in the original A4 OS release notes

Was just about to ask this. Could the one controller do both boxes?

Some controllers could more comfortably as they have two midi outs

But a single MIDI out means you’d be stuck with very limited options beyond the 16 channels being tied to those two devices

12 tracks on AR
4 tracks on A4

that means other flexible uses of the MIDI from the controller are compromised

doable, but there are better parameters to control creatively imho

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