Faderfox UC4


A lot of threads mention this little guy, thought I’d set up a thread.

I’m very interested in this one, seems like a ton of functionality. How are you getting on with yours?

Also, could someone clarify how the USB interface functionality they advertise works? Can I plug a qunexus and quneo to the back of this and transmit their input via the UC4 using the DIN MIDI capability?

As you mentioned, there are already a few topics where people discuss its use in various setups.

I don’t know for sure about its USB capabilities but I believe that it is a USB peripheral device, not a USB host, so you can’t connect other USB peripherals to it.

If you think it’s better staying within those threads, let’s do that, don’t mind at all! Thanks for the info, it helped :slight_smile:

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How do you guys find the sliders in use? Is it tricky to grab the middle ones and do quick fades? They look very small in pics!

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Depends a bit on how big your fingers are. I find them just the right size, but I have rather skinny fingers. They sure are more on the small side though.

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I’m pretty sure the faders are ok for casual use, but what about super-fast operation? Usually “performance” controls are not usable when you need super fast movements unless a certain minimum size is established… This is one of the reasons why something like the TR8 has those huge faders

I find control size problematic, especially when you also want the smallest possible footprint. I absolutely love my qunexus keyboard for example, but I cannot reliably hit a certain key on it super fast, the keys are just a lil too small for that

I really enjoy my UC4, but I wouldn’t want to rely on any of its 8 vertical faders for super fast gestures. The horizontal fader is fine, though.

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Hey guys,
Since at some point some of you were talking about MIDI mapping the UC4 to control the MD parameters. Did anyone try that yet? Any advice on how to go about it? I would like to as a start to have the Track Volumes mapped to the UC4 faders and Shift to switch from 1-8 faders to 9-16 so it covers the MD 16 channels (use the UC4 as a mixer basically in a live setup) and I suppose other parameters of the MD to the pots and click and 1-8 launch buttons etc of the UC4.
Anyhow, I have had a MD for a while now and the UC4 too, but haven’t been able to understand how to map and control the MD parameters with the UC4 yet.
Please help!

IS there a way though to map the faders of the UC4 to the MD SPS1 mk2 non UW+? If so, what are my options?
I’ve been trying for nearly 2 days now without any luck. Is there such thing as MIDI learn function on the MD?

The MIDI controls for the MD are fixed and are listed in Appendix B of the MD’s manual.

For example, if you want to control the volume of Track 6 of the MD, you need to look at the table in the upper left corner of page B-2 of the MD’s manual. That tells you that the volume of track 6 is controlled by sending MIDI Control Change number 9 on the MIDI channel number that is 1 higher than the MD’s MIDI base channel. (MIDI base channel is set in the MD’s GLOBAL > CONTROL > BASE CHANNEL menu.)

Pages 8-10 of the UC4 manual show you how to program its controls.

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There is no MIDI learn function on the MD. You will have to set up the UC4 to use the values that the MD uses.

The UC4 has a MIDI learn function if you want to assign values by sending messages from the MD instead of reading them from the table in the manual.

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Hi, I can’t find the answer to this and although there’s pages of chat on the forum about this controller.

I’m wanting to use it in a live scenario, however in this scenario I’m also receiving clock/transport fr the tr8s.

It’s says in the manual that there’s a midi merge function on the uc4. Myself and @Schnork have concluded that this means that I can receive clock and transport from another device, to be forwarded to the octatrack.

Can somone confirm this is the case.

Thanks and have a lovely Sunday :panda:

Yes, you can indeed send clock and transport through the UC4 and have it merge with the MIDI stream generated by the controller.
You will need an extra MIDI to mini Jack adapter as it only comes with one, but these can be found pretty cheaply.

You can also merge MIDI from your DAW through the USB connection too.


Thanks mate. That’s really helpful! I’d best get ordering!

You won’t regret it. I love mine.
It’s really well built and just the right size for sitting next to an elektron box.


Man I’ve just been offered a cme bitstream 3x as I was about to pull the trigger - I’m in two minds about which one to get!
You’re going to say the Uc4 aren’t you, in this particular shootout?

Given the possibilities of the bitstream, that’s not really a fair shoot-out. These devices are not in the same league … :smiley:


So I should get the bitstream and be happy yeah? :grinning: