Failing to connect my AH mkii to Overbridge

hey guys
i think i went through all of the available tips but to no success:

i am on a MBP, osx 10.15.6 catalina. overbridge (2.0.44) & transfer is installed. at first it was not getting recognized at all, not even as class compliant midi or audio. no matter in which USB mode the hardware was in (OB, USB midi, USB audio/midi)

after fighting with this for a while i connected the AH to an older macbook and succesfully installed the latest OS (1.20) via the legacy C6 software.

now back on the new computer, the AH is getting recognized as CC midi/audio when in the respective hardware mode, but still zero success getting it to show up in the overbridge software.

countless restarts, plug-everythig-in-in-a-certain-order, reinstall OB, triple checking OSX system pref permission, etc etc i am close to giving up. i still get an empty overbridge screen, the “Control Panel” app shows me the “no device” screen and the plguins obv can’t find anything either… i am at loss.
TRANSFER sees the AH midi i/o when in the repsective CC midi hardware mode, but fails to connect to it.

the AH is currently connected directly to the MBP (16" 2019) instead of the USB hub i had it on first.


tbh this is very frustrating already, for a device/company of this prestige & price range. i lost at least 90minutes on this already. unless this is some big idiotic mistake on my side.

edit. after further research i found that
is not present on my system, even after countless reinstalls. is this still an issue?

are elktron people looking at this forum or do i need to create a support ticket?